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    1 2017-05-11, Version 1.10.0:
    2 	* Build system: Search the "rt" library for clock_gettime(). This
    3 	  fixes build issues on Mac OS X. Thanks to Yann E. Morni for this
    4 	  fix. #9
    5 	* Build system: The "--with[out]-ncurses" option has been added and
    6 	  allows to enforce/disable the building of "noping". Thanks to Thomas
    7 	  Deutschmann for the patch. #15
    8 	* Build system: Compatibility code to work with pkg-config < 0.27 has
    9 	  been added. #22
   10 	* liboping: Creation of ICMPv4 packets has been fixed: due to an
   11 	  incorrect sizeof() the payload may have been prefixed by 20 zero
   12 	  bytes, resulting in larger packets than desired. Thanks to Kyle Zhou
   13 	  for reporting and fixing this. #10
   14 	* liboping: The number of file descriptors used has been reduced to at
   15 	  most two (from one per host). This and a few other optimizations
   16 	  significantly improve performance. Thanks to Luke Heberling for the
   17 	  patch. #11
   18 	* oping, noping: Handling of the "-O" command line flag has been
   19 	  fixed.
   20 	* oping, noping: The "-b" option has been added and enables a bell
   21 	  whenever an echo reply is received. Thanks to Antoine Beaupré for
   22 	  the patch. #6
   23 	* noping: The background color has been changed to use the terminal
   24 	  default. Thanks to @middleO. #18
   25 	* noping: The ability to add hosts after noping has started (the "a"
   26 	  key) has been added. Thanks to Hamish Coleman for the patch. #20,
   27 	  #23
   29 2016-06-27, Version 1.9.0:
   30 	* liboping: The new "PING_OPT_MARK" option allows to mark packets,
   31 	  which can be used for filtering and routing such packets on Linux.
   32 	* oping, noping: The new "-m" command line option allows to set a mark
   33 	  on packets sent by the tool.
   34 	* oping, noping: The new "-O" command line option allows to write
   35 	  measurements to an CSV file.
   36 	* oping, noping: The new "-w" command line option allows to specify
   37 	  the timeout after which a packet/reply is considered "dropped".
   39 2014-11-20, Version 1.8.0:
   40 	* oping, noping: Average and standard deviation have been removed from
   41 	  the status output, which show median and 95th percentile instead.
   42 	  The percentile can be chosen with the "-P" option.
   43 	* noping: The additional graph types "histogram" and "boxplot" have
   44 	  been added, which can be selected with the "-g" option.
   46 2014-09-25, Version 1.7.0:
   47 	* oping, noping: The new -Z option allows the exit status to indicate
   48 	  the number of failing hosts. Thanks to Barak Pearlmutter for the
   49 	  patch.
   50 	* noping: The ability to print a "prettyping" style graph has been
   51 	  added. Thanks to Antoine Beaupré for his work!
   52 	* src/liboping.c: Build issues on Solaris have been fixed. Thanks
   53 	  Scott Severtson for the fix!
   54 	* Build system: Creation and installation of a pkg-config file has
   55 	  been added. Thanks to Barak Pearlmutter for the patch.
   57 2012-01-31, Version 1.6.2:
   58 	* Build system: Setting capabilities and the set-UID bit has been made
   59 	  more fault-tolerant, so that it will work with Debian's fakeroot(1)
   60 	  utility.
   61 	* src/liboping.c: Fixed a compiler warning about an non-static format
   62 	  string. Thanks to Brian Edwards for pointing this out.
   63 	* src/liboping.c: Fixed compilation under Mac OS X and Solaris. Thanks
   64 	  to Clayton O'Neill for his patch.
   66 2011-03-06, Version 1.6.1:
   67 	* Build system: If "make install" is executed as root, the CAP_NET_RAW
   68 	  capability is added to the binary (on Linux) or the set-UID bit is
   69 	  set (other Unixes).
   70 	* src/oping.c: Fix compiler warnings which may abort the build. Thanks
   71 	  to James Bromberger for reporting the problem.
   72 	* noping: Compatibility with ncurses 5.8 has been fixed. Thanks to
   73 	  Gaetan Bisson for his patch.
   75 2011-01-26, Version 1.6.0:
   76 	* liboping: Improve timing of received network packets using
   77 	  SO_TIMESTAMP if available. Thanks to Bruno Prémont for his patch.
   79 2010-11-17, Version 1.5.1:
   80 	* oping, noping: Alias for the “Voice Admit” DSCP has been added.
   81 	* src/oping.c, src/liboping.c: Compiler warnings / errors have been
   82 	  fixed. Thanks to James Bromberger for reporting one of them.
   84 2010-10-27, Version 1.5.0:
   85 	* src/liboping.c: The possibility to set the QoS byte of outgoing IPv4
   86 	  and IPv6 packets and read the byte from incoming packets has been
   87 	  added. Thanks to Vladimir Melnikov for his patch.
   88 	* oping, noping: Add the ability to configure the QoS field on the
   89 	  command line. If either the QoS field of outgoing or incoming
   90 	  packets is non-standard, the QoS byte of incoming packets will be
   91 	  printed.
   92 	* liboping: The library has been relicensed under the LGPL 2.1.
   94 2010-06-13, Version 1.4.0:
   95 	* noping: A new front-end to liboping, using the ncurses library, has
   96 	  been added. The new command line application displays ping
   97 	  statistics online and highlights aberrant round-trip times.
   99 2009-12-20, Version 1.3.4:
  100 	* src/liboping.c: When one file descriptor was in an error state, the
  101 	  select(2) loop would run indefinitely. Error handling has been
  102 	  improved so the loop ends gracefully now in this case.
  103 	* src/liboping.c: Drop privileges before reading files if supported by
  104 	  the system. This way files are opened using the user's original
  105 	  privileges when using the “-f” option.
  106 	* Net::Oping: An off-by-one error has been fixed in the Perl bindings.
  107 	  Thanks to Fredrik Soderblom for his patch.
  109 2009-09-29, Version 1.3.3:
  110 	* oping: Disable the “-f” option if the real and effective user IDs
  111 	  don't match. If that is the case the program is probably running
  112 	  SetUID and should not read foreign files. Unfortunately, dropping
  113 	  privileges before reading the file is not possible, because they are
  114 	  required for opening raw sockets.
  116 	  Reading from STDIN using “-f -” is still possible.
  118 	  Thanks to Steve Kemp for reporting this issue as Debian bug #548684.
  120 2009-07-27, Version 1.3.2:
  121 	* src/oping.h: Remove `HAVE_*_H' macros for system headers. Those
  122 	  macros should not be used in system wide installed header files.
  123 	  Thanks to Sebastian for fixing this.
  125 2009-07-20, Version 1.3.1
  126 	* src/liboping.c: Fix too eager argument validation that prevented the
  127 	  library to work as documented. Thanks to Sebastian for catching this
  128 	  bug.
  130 2009-07-18, Version 1.3.0
  131 	* oping: Documentation and messages have been improved.
  132 	* oping: Support for the `-D' command line option has been added.
  133 	  Using this new option, the outgoing network device can be set.
  134 	  Thanks to Sebastian Harl for the patch.
  135 	* src/liboping.c: The value of the `received TTL' information after
  136 	  missing packets has been corrected.
  137 	* src/liboping.c: A bug when matching received packets to configured
  138 	  hosts has been fixed. This regression was introduced after 1.0, we
  139 	  believe. Thanks to Sebastian Harl for noticing and fixing this bug.
  140 	* src/liboping.c: Support for the `PING_OPT_DEVICE' option has been
  141 	  added. This option can be used to set the outgoing network device.
  142 	  Thanks to Sebastian for his patch.
  144 2009-07-15, Version 1.2.0
  145 	* `oping': Implement the `-f' command line option to read hostnames
  146 	  from a file (or STDIN).
  147 	* src/liboping.c: No longer export `sstrerror'.
  149 2009-04-05, Version 1.1.2
  150 	* liboping.c: A NULL-pointer dereference has been fixed in the IPv4
  151 	  code. This led to a segmentation fault when an ICMPv4 paket could
  152 	  not be associated with any host. This usually happened when one or
  153 	  more hosts were unreachable for some time. Thanks to Tomasz Pala for
  154 	  discovering the problem and finding a way to reproduce it.
  156 2009-03-23, Version 1.1.1
  157 	* liboping.c: Use libxnet when available. The `normal' version of
  158 	  `recvmsg' does not provide the `auxiliary data' on some or all
  159 	  versions of Solaris.
  161 2009-03-15, Version 1.1.0
  162 	* liboping.c: Eliminate the use of `strerror' and use `strerror_r'
  163 	  instead, removing the (hopefully) last thread-unsafe function.
  164 	* liboping.c: Provide the TTL of received IP packets.
  165 	* oping.c: Allow setting of the TTL using the `-t' command line
  166 	  option.
  168 2009-02-17, Version 1.0.0
  169 	* oping.h: Provide the OPING_VERSION to easily determine the library's
  170 	  version at compile time.
  171 	* liboping.c: Fixed an off-by-one error in `ping_iterator_get_info':
  172 	  When determining the buffer size to hold the hostname, the function
  173 	  would return one byte too little.
  174 	* liboping.c: Fix an incorrect assertion in `ping_timeval_add'. Thanks
  175 	  to Alex Brooks for reporting the issue.
  176 	* liboping.c: Make sure `EAI_SYSTEM' is defined at compile time.
  177 	  Although specified by POSIX, Cygwin apparently doesn't have it.
  178 	* liboping.c: Add compatibility code for AIX. Thanks to Doug
  179 	  MacEachern for the patch.
  180 	* liboping.c: Store and possibly return the host name as provided by
  181 	  the user.
  182 	* liboping.c: The number of timed out packets is now counted and can
  183 	  be retrieved with `ping_iterator_get_info'.
  184 	* Perl bindings: The Net::Oping Perl package has been added to
  185 	  bindings/ and is built along with liboping.
  187 2007-03-27, Version 0.3.5
  188 	* liboping.c: Close the filedescriptor in `ping_free', not
  189 	  `ping_host_remove'. Thanks to Esteban Sanchez for submitting this
  190 	  patch.
  191 	* oping.h: Include <sys/types.h> so that `size_t' is defined. Thanks
  192 	  to Alex Brooks for pointing this out.
  193 	* oping.h: Use `extern "C"' when being used with C++. Thanks to Alex
  194 	  Brooks for pointing this out.
  196 2006-12-01, Version 0.3.4
  197 	* Fixes a bug in `ping_host_remove': Due to an incorrect hostname
  198 	  checking the wrong host would be removed.
  200 2006-07-16, Version 0.3.3
  201 	* `sendto(2)' now catches `EHOSTUNREACH' and `ENETUNREACH' if they're
  202 	  defined.
  204 2006-07-13, Version 0.3.2
  205 	* `oping' now drops root privileges as soon as possible.
  206 	* `liboping' now contains an `soname' and a version.
  208 2006-07-09, Version 0.3.1
  209 	* Removed `libltdl' from the distribution since it's not used.
  210 	* More nonsense has been removed from the build system. Thanks to
  211 	  Sebastian Harl for pointing it out :)
  213 2006-07-09, Version 0.3.0
  214 	* The ability to set the source address from which the packets
  215 	  originate has been added to the library and the oping application.
  217 2006-07-16, Version 0.2.3
  218 	* `sendto(2)' now catches `EHOSTUNREACH' and `ENETUNREACH' if they're
  219 	  defined.
  221 2006-06-05, Version 0.2.2
  222 	* The `oping' application didn't exit if no hosts could be resolved.
  223 	  This release fixes it's behavior.
  225 2006-06-01, Version 0.2.1
  226 	* Fix the behavior for non GNU-Linux systems. liboping tried to
  227 	  `bind(2)' to the raw-socket it uses to send ICMP packets. Apparently
  228 	  (decided by majority vote ;) this is not the right thing to do.
  229 	  GNU/Linux never complained about it, but works find without the bind.
  230 	  Other operating systems don't work at all with the bind.
  231 	* Build fixes for non-GNU/Linux platforms: Mac OS X doesn't define
  232 	  `size_t' as `unsigned int' and therefore needs casting and FreeBSD
  233 	  needs to have `sys/types.h' included before `netinet/*.h'
  235 2006-05-29, Version 0.2.0
  236 	* It's now possible to set the data to be send to the remote host and
  237 	  to get the data received from the host.
  238 	* The `oping' binary now calculates the standard deviation. Also, it
  239 	  displays the number of byes that were received and other output
  240 	  changes.
  241 	* Hosts are now returned in the same order as they were added by
  242 	  `ping_host_add'. This is not guaranteed, but makes `oping' prettier.
  244 2006-05-12, Version 0.1.1
  245 	* A bug in the library has been fixed: When the sequence got higher
  246 	  than 2^16 the counter in the packets wrapped around, but the
  247 	  internal counter didn't, causing the library to ignore all further
  248 	  ICMP packets. This affected both, ICMPv4 and ICMPv6.
  250 2006-05-08, Version 0.1.0
  251 	* Initial release.