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    1 Klavaro - a flexible touch typing tutor
    2 -----------------------------------------------------------------
    3 Copyright (C) 2005-2021 Felipe Emmanuel Ferreira de Castro 
    4 			<fefcas at gmail dot com>
    6 Klavaro is a free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
    7 it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published
    8 by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License,
    9 or (at your option) any later version.
   10 -----------------------------------------------------------------
   12 Well, in a few words, I can say: launch the program and learn by
   13 using it. It is very simple and full of tips. Most of the buttons
   14 have some tip showing what they will do.
   16 If you have to compile, please read the INSTALL file.
   17 And also, specific libs you have to install (on Debian): 
   18 - libgtk-3-dev
   19 - libcurl4-dev
   20 - intltool
   21 - libtool
   22 - GtkDatabox (https://gtkdatabox.sourceforge.io/)
   24 For compiling on Windows, you may use MSYS2, following instructions
   25 from the GTK site.
   27 - COLORS
   29 Some colors may be configured through the file preferences.ini 
   30 There you should create a session named [colors] and set some colors
   31 with the internet/html syntax (#RRGGBB). Example:
   33 [colors]
   34 key_fg=#332200
   35 key_1=#112233
   36 key_9=#213243
   37 text_intro_fg=#222222
   38 char_untouched_bg=#fffaf8
   39 char_wrong_fg=#880000
   40 char_correct_fg=#009900
   41 char_retouched_fg=#bbbbaa
   42 cursor_blink_bg=#ff88ff
   44 The preferences.ini file holds all the default key/value pairs, since
   45 the first time when the application is run. But they are never overwritten
   46 after that, so direct edition should be done by the user to change the colors.
   48 Besides the preferences.ini file, there is also the possibility to use an
   49 altcolor.ini file, that holds alternative colors, for example, to enable a
   50 dark mode.
   52 Here is the complete list of keywords to set colors:
   54 Background and foreground for the tutor introductory texts:
   55 text_intro_bg
   56 text_intro_fg
   58 Background and foreground for the tutor texts before they be typed out:
   59 char_untouched_bg
   60 char_untouched_fg 
   62 The same for the tutor texts after they be correcty typed out:
   63 char_correct_bg 
   64 char_correct_fg 
   66 Same for tutor texts after they be wrongly typed:
   67 char_wrong_bg
   68 char_wrong_fg
   70 Same for tutor texts after they be correcty retyped, correcting errors
   71 (only in fluidity module):
   72 char_retouched_bg
   73 char_retouched_fg 
   75 Blinking color of the block cursor in the tutor tests:
   76 cursor_blink_bg
   77 cursor_blink_fg
   79 Foreground of keys in the virtual keyboard:
   80 key_fg
   82 Background of keys, according to the finger responsible for it, from left
   83 to right (key_5 is valid for both thumbs, it is the space key):
   84 key_1
   85 key_2
   86 key_3
   87 key_4
   88 key_5
   89 key_6
   90 key_7
   91 key_8
   92 key_9
   95 - GOALS
   97 And also, the goals for touch typing skill may be configured in preferences.ini
   98 file. They give the limits for each tutor module, so the user is told when
   99 he/she should go to the next level. They also appear as horizontal lines in
  100 the progress charts.
  101 The default key/value pairs used in the application show up after the first
  102 time one runs and close it gracefully, take a look at your preferences.ini file.
  104 - LEVELS
  106 These are similar to the goals above, but they are used only to distinguish the
  107 comments done by the tutor after each practicing session, along all the modules.
  108 With them, the program knows how the user is doing with his training, and then
  109 suggests more directions to take. As with GOALS, see your preferences.ini file,
  110 after launching and using the application for at least one time.