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    1 2.0.1 - 2021-04-02
    2  Fixed the crash when searching
    3  Increased vertical spacing in lists (address entries)
    4  Made hidden directories show by default in the import and export windows
    6 2.0.0 - 2021-02-24
    7  Extensive refactor and partial rewrites to port from GTK2 to GTK3
    8  Credit to David Malia for much of the GTK3 work.
   10 1.8.2 - 05/18/14
   11  Many bug fixes
   12  Fixed VCard output
   13  Added export for B-Folders
   14  Added export for KeePassX
   15  Changed the "enye" letter in Manana an "n", got tired of it causing problems (Ma\303\261ana to Manana)
   16  Made lots of stupid code changes to make the compiler warnings go away
   18 1.8.1 - 04/05/11
   19  Added a jpilot-merge utility for merging unsynced records into a pdb file
   20  Fixes Debian bug #574030: jpilot: can't delete appointments
   21  Resolve bug 2012 where small months in Postcript printout overlapped a calendar event. 
   22  Fix multiple memory leaks all over code base
   23  Added a VCard export format optimized for GMail/Android import
   24  Correct iCal export for repeating events with an end date
   25  Add Category and Location fields to Calendar iCal export
   26  Add categories to left-hand side of Calendar application
   27  Add "cancel sync" button and icon to main jpilot window
   28  use CRLF for ToDo iCal export per RFC
   29  Add new "future" button to repeat appt. modification dialog so that changes only affect future occurrences
   30  Ability to install files directly to SDCARD, hardcoded to /PALM/Launcher/ directory
   31  Keyboard shortcuts to set priority of ToDo items with Alt+# where # is 1-5
   32  Add ability to launch external editor to quickly edit memo or note text.  Bound to Ctrl-E.
   34 1.8.0 - 02/28/10
   35  Added support for Calendar app
   36  Requires pilot-link > 0.12.5
   37  GTK1 code removed.  GTK2 required
   38  Fix Bug 1991 : Categories are lost during first sync
   39  Export function for KeyRing data
   40  GUI changes: ToDo items due today are marked by a soft green color
   41  GUI changes: new alarm clock and lock icons
   42  GUI changes: radio buttons to select between timed and untimed events
   43  Overhaul VCARD export including adding IM, Birthday, Website fields
   44  As always many many bug other fixes and small changes, see Changelog.cvs for details
   46 1.6.2 - 02/15/09
   47  Resolve segmentation fault when editing Contacts with attached pictures
   48  Resolve error where Contacts created on Palm could not be deleted with Jpilot
   49  Resolve sync error with simultaneously modified Contacts
   50  Overhaul of Expense plugin
   51  As always many many bug other fixes and small changes, see Changelog.cvs for details
   53  Added newer category syncronization code
   54  Added libgcrypt support
   55  Fixed Mac OS X bugs/crash
   56  Now requires pilot-link > 0.12.0
   57  As always many many bug other fixes and small changes, see Changelog.cvs for details
   59 1.6.1 - 12/15/08
   60  Improved internationalization support
   61  Added newer category syncronization code
   62  Added libgcrypt support
   63  Fixed Mac OS X bugs/crash
   64  Now requires pilot-link > 0.12.0
   65  As always many many bug other fixes and small changes, see Changelog.cvs for details
   67 1.6.0 - 05/27/08
   68  Support for MemosDB-PMem
   69  Support for ContactsDB-PAdd
   70  Syncing merged records fixes
   71  Added sortable columns in KeyRing
   72  Temporarily removed Edit categories
   73  Many many bug fixes and small changes
   75 0.99.9 - 08/27/06
   76  Fixed a major Memo category sync bug.
   77  Removed clipboard code, which would cause X to freeze when ran with some
   78  applications, rdesktop, to name one.
   79  Many bug fixes, and GUI improvements, see Changelog.cvs for details
   81 0.99.9-pre2 - 01/15/06 (Released by Ludovic Rousseau)
   82  Fix Bugzilla 1533 where null description in appointment crashes ical
   83   export of datebook
   84  Keyring: Added a field for the last changed date and set it to today
   85   when the record is changed.
   86  Search: 
   87   - Have focus default to search entry field when the Find window is
   88   called to the front
   89   - Added ability to hit Enter and automatically go to the currently
   90   highlighted record.
   91  Some more bugs fixed
   93 0.99.9-pre1 - 12/18/05 (Released by Ludovic Rousseau)
   94  Generalization of GTK+2 stock buttons (butons with icon) and make
   95  J-Pilot more conform to GNOME Human Interface Guidelines
   96  Build with GTK+2 by default. Use --disable-gtk2 if you want GTK+1 instead
   97  Add Ukrainian and Korean translations
   98  Add support of Korean (CP949) encoding
   99  Correct a bug that prevented jpilot to start with GTK+ 2.8 (Ubuntu)
  100  Some more bugs fixed
  102 0.99.8 - 11/30/05
  103  This release is dedicated to my Mother who unexpectedly passed away
  104  this last year.
  105  Added translation for Kinyarwanda
  106  Added panes to Expense and KeyRing
  108 0.99.8-pre11 - 09/11/05
  109  Added an install user from the menu.
  110  Other miscellaneous fixes/changes
  112 0.99.8-pre10 - 08/09/05 (Released by Ludovic Rousseau)
  113  Solve a data corruption problem when used with pilot-link 0.12
  114  Better support of 64-bit platforms
  115  The last character was truncated using Hebrew encoding
  116  Support localized date formats (for example Japanese)
  117  jpilot-sync works again (no more jp_logf relocation error)
  118  Some more bugs fixed
  120 0.99.8-pre9 - 05/03/05 (Released by Ludovic Rousseau)
  121  Cut-n-paste using X11 clipboard (mouse middle clic)
  122  Return focus to the list after major operations which facilitates usability
  123  Add hotkey (shift-return) to move focus between list and data window
  124  In week and month views you can clic on a day to select it in the main view
  125  Add remote sync. use "jpilot -s" to start a sync on the running jpilot
  126  Add support of pilot-link 0.12.0-pre3
  127  Some more bugs fixed
  128  Updated translations: it, ja, fr
  129  jpilot-dump.c: convert from UTF8 to local encoding
  131 0.99.8-pre8 - 02/19/05 (Released by Ludovic Rousseau)
  132  Cut-n-paste using GTK+ Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V now works across all four apps
  133  Replace Sync and Backup text buttons by an color icon
  134  Add Chinese BIG-5 Palm encoding
  135  Update ja, zh_TW translations
  136  GTK2 now uses CTRL+Enter consistently to apply changes
  137  Add Cancel button with ESC accelerator
  138  Added two preferences and code to
  139   1) Mark current day in monthview and weekview guis by adding "TODAY"
  140      to display
  141   2) Display the absolute number of an event which repeats yearly
  142      (usefulf or birthdays and anniversaries)
  144 0.99.8-pre7 - 01/08/05 (Released by Ludovic Rousseau)
  145  Update zh_CN, zh_TW, cs and es translations
  146  Solve a crash in Japanese mode in address GUI
  147  Extract the first day of week (sunday or monday) from the system locale setting
  148  Add menu color icons for the 4 main applications
  149  Improve todo sorting
  150  Allow to cycle through the KeyRing categories by calling again the plugin
  151  Some more bugs fixed
  153 0.99.8-pre6 - 11/27/04 (Released by Ludovic Rousseau)
  154  Solve the "different user ID sync" bug
  155  Solve the GUI "freeze" bug
  156  Some more bugs fixed
  158 0.99.8-pre5 - 11/26/04 (Ludovic Rousseau)
  159  Solve the "undefined symbol: jp_charset_j2p" error
  160  Fix Japanese menu
  161  Some code cleanup
  163 0.99.8-pre4 - 11/24/04 (Released by Ludovic Rousseau)
  164  Some more bugs fixed
  165  Improved search sorting
  166  Improved convertion to UTF-8 in case of errors
  167  Use GBK instead of GB2312 charset encoding for Chinese
  168  Use a radio item menu for Hide/Show/Mask records so that the state is
  169   clearly indicated
  170  Fix sort order for appts in datebook
  171  Complete Japanese translation
  173 0.99.8-pre3 - 11/14/04 (Released by Ludovic Rousseau)
  174  Some more bugs fixed
  175  The right-hand side of jpilot were not updated on a cursor movement.
  176  Fixed unpredictable bug in repeating events caused by unitialized variable
  177  Use iconv to convert from the Palm charset to UTF-8. Thanks to Amit Aronovitch
  178   we now support many new charsets when used with GTK2:
  179   - Hebrew (CP1255),
  180   - Cyrillic (CP1251),
  181   - Cyrillic (KOI8-R),
  182   - Latin 2, Eastern Europe (ISO8859-2),
  183   - Japanese (SJIS),
  184   - Chinese (GB2312)
  185  Complete Chinese translation. Thanks to lei Yu
  186  The category selection was not working from the Export window for Addresses
  187  Give a more explicit error message when pi_bind() fails. We now have
  188   "permission denied" or "file not found" instead of "Illegal seek".
  189   Also display the device name we are trying to use.
  190   Thanks to Edgar Bonet for the patch
  191  New preference to show or hide popup tooltips
  192  Entries returned from datebook app during search were in random order
  193  Get first day of week from locale in GTK2, no preference setting
  195 0.99.8-pre2 - 10/20/04 (Released by Ludovic Rousseau)
  196  some bugs fixed
  197  add the same keyboards accelerators for the 4 applications:
  198   Ctrl-D: Delete
  199   Ctrl-O: Copy
  200   Ctrl-N: New Record
  201   Ctrl-R: Add Record
  202   Ctrl-Return: Apply Changes
  203   Ctrl-Y: Sync
  204  KeyRing: can use non ASCII characters in name/account/password
  205  nice GTK2 color icons in the menu
  207 0.99.8-pre1 - 10/02/04 (Released by Ludovic Rousseau)
  208  better UTF-8 handling (needed when using GTK2)
  209  sort todo list by clicking on column title
  210  lots of bugs fixed:
  211   bug 1330: invalid postscript when printing the todo list contains ( or )
  212   bug 1306: Keyring plugin truncates passwords
  213   bug 1056: Undelete feature desired
  214   bug 1338: Some repeating appointments do not show in monthview gui
  215   bug 1176: Adding ability to e-mail directly from address book
  216   bug 1182: Search screen needs a button
  217   bug 1322: GTK2.4 libraries require changes to jpilotrc files to preserve colors
  218   bug 1116: Word wrap provided when printing monthly calendar
  219   bug 1154: resorting in address book should leave selection bar on same entry
  220   bug 1107: show completed todos found through search regardless of show completed checkbox status
  221   bug 1153: Patch reduces flicker when deleting records
  222   bug 1131: ALT key for accelerator instead of control
  223   bug 1184: truncating buffers with non ASCII charsets
  225 0.99.7 - 02/29/04
  226  Many bug fixes and small improvements
  227  Memo preferences hide-able
  228  Rewrote month and weekviews to be faster and resizable
  229  Iconify at startup
  230  More GTK2 support
  231  Added cp1253 support
  232  Remember last categories
  233  Highlight Overdue Todos
  235 0.99.6 - 07/13/03
  236  Fixed categies incorrectly syncing on first time use
  237  Added number of records tooltip to datebook
  238  Fixed DST problem in alarms
  239  Added a hide not yet due todos button
  240  Added Record completion date on todos
  241  bug 637 fix couldn't select start/end times in GTK2
  242  Fixed bug 610, record dups when pressing page-up/down keys, and removed
  243   home key from going to today
  244  Fix DST on import
  245  Made install remember its last path
  246  Added plugin_pre_sync_pre_connect calls
  247  address_gui.c: ldif export crash, fix
  248  Many miscellaneous bugs fixes, etc.
  250 0.99.5 - 02/21/03
  251  Fixed serious bug resulting in overwriting appointments on the palm (Serious bug)
  252  Restore now restores latest files instead of ones from last backup (Critical bug)
  253  Added -export-dynamic to Makefile to resolve jp_logf unresolved errors
  254  Made home key go to today in datebook
  255  Added dialog error windows instead of logging them
  256  If files are to be installed a prompt window opens before a sync/backup
  257  Browser windows open from jpilot menu
  258  When app button is pressed it will cycle through categories
  260 0.99.4 - 01/13/03
  261  Ported code to GTK-2 (I used GTK-2.2)
  262  Added random password generation to KeyRing
  263  Added a dialer program and GUI launcher
  264  Added Syncronization of categories and editing categories on desktop
  265  Added Export of iCalendar format from ToDo and Datebook
  266  Added Export of vCard format from Address book
  267  Added Export of ldif format from Address book
  268  Added Russian Language Support
  269  Removed jpilot-upgrade-99
  271 0.99.3 - 11/01/02
  272  Added Simplified Chinese translation
  273  Added Traditional Chinese translation
  274  Made dialog windows Modal
  275  Manana support http://bill.sexton.tripod.com/download.htm
  276  Changed code to keep unique IDs intact.
  277  Support for OS 4.X passwords.
  278  Better DateBk support
  279  (seperate entry field for tag, better detection of datebk records)
  280  Pop up dialogs during the sync when different user name, null ID is found.
  281  Lots of patches, bug fixes and minor improvements.
  283 0.99.2 - 02/06/02
  284  Made changes to support pilot-link 0.10.1 and USB (palm m series and clies)
  285  Export for Datebook, Address, Todo, and Memo
  286  Import for Datebook, Address, Todo, and Memo
  287  Can now enter begin/end times into datebook by GUI, or keyboard.
  288  Put icons in clist title buttons.
  289  Prompts to Save a changed/new record instead of letting it get away.
  290  Drastically improved local database read speeds caused by bugs intro'd in 0.99
  291  Fixed misc bugs in alarms.
  292  Support for pedit (pedit is a memo editor for the palm).
  293  Added Preferences to choose conduits.
  294  Adding in better printing support.
  295  Adding in record masking support.
  296  Wrote a KeyRing plugin (KeyRing is a palm encryption app).
  297  Added Restore Functionality.
  298  Added plugin_startup & plugin_cleanup funcs to jpilot-sync.
  299  Added man pages.
  300  Added plugin_startup and plugin_cleanup to jpilot-sync.
  301  Added a default pdb file for Expenses.
  302  Added an icon when iconized.
  304 0.99.1 - Skipped this version to avoid confusion.
  306 0.99 - 02/06/01
  307  Alphabetized 4 main app categories and expense categories.
  308  New calendar begin/end setting method using keyboard.
  309  jpilot-sync program added to allow command line syncing.
  310  Made radio buttons for which phone # shows up in addr.
  311  Made month/week views obey categories.
  312  Made 4 main apps+expense more user friendly by detecting changes.
  313  Added prefs for optionally backing up DBs.
  314  Czech character set added.
  315  Russian character set added.
  316  Moved output screen to bottom panel in main window.
  317  Fixed many bugs in Expense and improved GUI.
  318  Fixed datebook entries showing weekly repeat.
  319  Added a large view window to the monthview.
  320  Fixed some DateBk3 bugs (templates showing as today, etc).
  321  Made Address screen stay as it was last used in quick/add view mode.
  322  Alarms.
  323  Sorted memos if they are sorted on the handheld.
  324  Replaced calendar buttons (array) with a gtk_calendar widget.
  325  Made Quickview a page on the address Notebook.
  326  Made private records hidable using palm password.
  327  Made changes for Japanese and Chinese and Korean and multibyte characters.
  328  Included Synctime in rpm and made it detect and avoid PalmOS 3.30.
  329  Made the creation of ~/.jpilot and ~/.jpilot/backup* perms 0700 & ~umask.
  330   If upgrading then you may want to change the permissions of ~/.jpilot/ for
  331   security reasons.
  332  Made completed ToDos not print if hidden.
  333  Minor postscript improvements.
  334  Made plugin conduits selectable wether to sync or not.  
  336 0.98 - 3/01/00
  337  Postscript printing support
  338  db3 support, datebook categories
  339  cleanup_pc_files improved
  340  Major performance increases in datebook, and other DBs
  341  Made DBs with slashes in them backup
  342  Fast sync
  343  Backup changes/fixes
  344  Made pc databases compact themselves for users without a palm
  345  Fixed time in week/month and daily views to use prefs
  346  gettext
  347  Made century non-leap year compliant for the year 2400 :)
  348  Fixed minor category problem (deleted on remote)
  349  Fixed redraws (menus and db3) after syncing
  350  Remember categories after switching apps
  351  ToDo: Due date disappears when "No Due Date" selected
  353 0.97 - 12/22/99
  354  Added Weekly and Monthly views.
  355  Multiple backups supported, selectable from preferences.
  356  Block reset pilots and changed user names from syncing.
  357  Put paned windows in 4 main apps and made them remember where set.
  358  Made Graffiti Shortcuts installable.
  359  Changed to qsort from bubblesort.
  360  Removed logic to make category go to ALL after add.
  361  Remember window size after restart.
  362  Changed from using HOME to using JPILOT_HOME then default to HOME.
  363  Fixed menu history for categories (wasn't always correct).
  364  Fixed Expense plugin not always showing all of the categories.
  365  Fixed directory for global plugins.
  366  Made the dialog raise less annoying.
  367  Work around for bug where empty appointments crash PalmOS 2.0.  An empty
  368   appointment description will get set to a space.
  370 0.96 - 11/10/99
  371  Plugin (conduit) support added.
  372  Patch for reversed todo sorting.
  373  Timesheet plugin (not yet fully working)
  374  Wrote an Expense plugin for an example plugin.
  375  Wrote a SyncTime plugin.
  376  Created a User Manual.
  377  Created plugin programmer documentation.
  378  Datebook problem with GMT and repeating appts fixed (were off 1 day
  379   in certain cases).
  380  I made TAB cycle through the text boxes during data entry.
  381  I added validation checks to repeating appts so that invalid appointments
  382   can't be entered into the palm.
  383  I Made clists bahave more intuitively.  They stay put when changing data now.
  384  Week of the year numbers added on the calendar.
  386 0.95 - 09/09/99 (This is a key Y2K date, it'll probably blow up)
  387  Made fixes to configure for Solaris (-lsocket).
  388  Removed file locking code.
  389  Highlighted calendar days with appointments.
  390  Fixed a big memory leak in addresses.
  391  Todos now show due date.
  392  Hide completed todos is stored in preferences, so it will be remembered.
  393  make install now installs empty DB files into share.  These are copied to
  394   ~/.jpilot/ the first time jpilot is ran, so that it behaves before the
  395   first sync.
  396  Replaced all C++ style comments with C style comments.
  398 0.94 - 08/28/99
  399  Fixed up the configure script for Solaris, and Debian users.
  400  Minor GUI changes/improvements.
  401  Added an Install screen.
  402  0.93 Didn't show the last todo in the DB file, fixed.
  404 0.93 - 08/10/99
  405  Changed vsnprintf and snprintf to g_vsnprintf and g_snprintf for portability.
  406  Changed flock calls to fcntl for portability.
  407  Changed logf to jpilot_logf because logf is a call in libm on some systems
  408  (portability).
  409  Added Menus.
  410  Added a quickfind in the address app.
  411  Put in a global search (find) window.
  412  Put in a preferences window and rc file support.
  413  Added support for different date formats (localization).
  414  Added support for weeks beginning on Monday (localization).
  415  Added support for choosing the colors file from the preferences window.
  416  Added a configure script.
  417  Added in Japanese support.
  418  Misc GUI improvements and code improvements.
  420 0.92 - 07/18/99
  421  Fixed problem reading palm db files with 0 records.
  422  Added option for viewing only uncompleted todos.
  423  Fixed a GUI problem when adding an address the phone menus didn't update
  424   right while selecting addresses on the left pane.
  425  Added a window to show the syncing output.
  426  Added a full backup button.
  427  Added forking of a process to do the sync in the background.
  428  Fixed category label in todo, address, and memo apps.
  429  Added modify capability in datebook, address, todo, and memo apps.
  430  Added the ability to check/uncheck todos.
  431  When deleteing repeating appointments it will now ask if you intend to delete
  432   just one occurence, or all occurences.
  433  Added some tooltips to show how many records are in a DB.
  435 0.91 - 07/03/99
  436  Fixed some feof() problem that caused datebook to not work on RedHat 6.0
  437  I rewrote the entire datebook.c file
  438  Put in code to create and test for writability of ~/.jpilot/
  439  Put it gtk_set_locale() for other language support on Solaris.
  440  Moved syncing code from datebook.c to sync.c
  441  Created a jpilot-syncd, a daemon syncing program.
  442  Made Feb 29th (Leap Day) yearly appointments repeat on the 28th of non-Leap
  443    years, just as on the palm pilot.
  444  Also fixed monthly repeating appointments that occur past the last day in the
  445   current month. These didn't use to appear in jpilot.
  446  Fixed a few bugs in creating new repeat monthly appointments.
  447  Fixed a few bugs in displaying monthly repeating appointments.
  448  When creating a monthly appointment that repeats "By Day":
  449   Added in a dialog box to ask if an appointment is intended to repeat in the
  450   4th occurence of that day in the a month, or the last occurence of that day
  451   in the month.  This is only asked when it cannot be deduced.
  452   The Palm Pilot will also ask this question.
  453  Fixed Mobile not being displayed in address app.
  455 0.90a - 06/23/99
  456  Initial release.