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    2                             GtkDatabox GTK3
    4 ------------------------------------------------------------------
    6 What is it:
    7 A widget to display large sets of data as dots (or lines). Different data
    8 sets will have different colors, you may change colors and style of the data
    9 The widget gives the possibility to zoom into and out of the data and to 
   10 scroll around. It also offers a grid like on an oscilloscope.
   12 The homepage of the GtkDatabox is
   14 http://sourceforge.net/projects/gtkdatabox/
   16 To install, please read the INSTALL file.
   18 Documentation is in the doc/html directory, generated by gtk-doc-tools.
   19 From there, look in the API Index for a list of the functions available.
   21 Alternative documentation can be generated in the doc/html-doxygen directory using Doxygen.
   22 From there, look in the Files->Globals->functions for a list of the functions available.
   24 Hope you enjoy using this code ...
   26 The gtkdatabox team. 2021