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    1 Major contributors :
    2 --------------------
    3 Matt Flax            flatmax at flatmax.org
    4 Amish S. Dave        amish at amish.homenet.org
    5 Lars-Peter Clausen   lars  at metafoo.de
    7 Original Author:
    8 ----------------
   10 Dr. Roland Bock, who can be contacted at rbock at eudoxos de, unless
   11 this account is flooded with spam. In that case, the current address is 
   12 to be found on my web site: www.eudoxos.de.
   14 Project Maintainer as of 04/15/2009:
   15 ------------------------------------
   16 Brian R Phelps aka electronjunkie can be contacted at lm317t dot gmail.com
   17 Matt Flax < flatmax >
   19 Other contributors:
   20 --------------------
   21 Felipe Castro        fe20 at penso.eu.nom.br