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Meta-information about package "gmsh-4.12.2-source.tgz" on

Short description:

Gmsh is an automatic 3D finite element grid generator with a built-in CAD engine and post-processing facilities.

Home page:

Fossies download link (and used upstream URL):

gmsh-4.12.2-source.tgz  ( / src / gmsh-4.12.2-source.tgz)

Package size, modification date (and download date), md5 checksum:

18150293 bytes,  2024-01-21 21:37 (2024-01-22 08:59),  2c99a1b94d1a4c597b8febb6e9b02f5b

Fossies contents page:

/ linux / privat / gmsh-4.12.2-source.tgz/

No. of package member files:

4816 (4493 regular files in 323 directories)

Found file extensions:

Overall:  1 am bat brep BSD c cc cmake conf cpp css cu cxx dat dep dox dtd edge f f90 geo GPL h hh hpp html hxx i i1 i2 i3 i4 i5 icns ico in ixx java jl js json jxx l LGPL m main md mel mk mm MPL2 msh new ol opt pbxproj pch pdf pl png pos pov py res rst sci sh step stl stp surf svg tex texi toml tst txt v1 xcf xml xsl y yml  (+ remaining files)
Top 10:  cpp (1513)  h (1219)  c (246)  hpp (223)  py (127)  txt (123)  geo (99)  dox (60)  cc (58)  png (57)

License file(s):

This is an unofficial and possibly incomplete list of licenses used in the analyzed project. It is just an attempt to provide a first related overview by searching for license information in probably license-relevant member text files and trying to identify the according license type. Although detailed license conditions can be found in the linked text files and the named license information pages, the user should study the project itself and its source files for the relevant licenses.

⊳ Probably internal license files:License (assumed):Copyright (extract):
  gmsh-4.12.2-source/LICENSE.txt  (GPL 2)  (---)
  gmsh-4.12.2-source/utils/converters/stl_to_cartesian/LICENCE.txt  Code posted by "Billy" on:   (---)
⊳ Probably external license files:
  gmsh-4.12.2-source/contrib/ANN/Copyright.txt  You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your ...  1997-2010 University of Maryland and Sunil Arya and David Mount All Rights Reserved
  gmsh-4.12.2-source/contrib/ANN/License.txt  It can also be found at: GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2.1, February 1999 ...  (---)
  gmsh-4.12.2-source/contrib/eigen/COPYING.GPL  (GPL 3)  (---)
  gmsh-4.12.2-source/contrib/eigen/COPYING.LGPL  (LGPL-2.1)  (---)
  gmsh-4.12.2-source/contrib/hxt/LICENSE.txt  (GPL 2)  (---)
  gmsh-4.12.2-source/contrib/kbipack/LICENSE  (GPL 2)  (---)
  gmsh-4.12.2-source/contrib/MathEx/license.txt  BMP libray License The MathEx library and included programs are part of SSCILIB and provided under ...  (---)
  gmsh-4.12.2-source/contrib/metis/LICENSE.txt  (-> APACHE-2.0)  1995-2013, Regents of the University of Minnesota
  gmsh-4.12.2-source/contrib/mpeg_encode/COPYRIGHT.txt  Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its documentation for any purpose, without fee, and ...  1995 The Regents of the University of California
  gmsh-4.12.2-source/contrib/Netgen/LICENSE  (LGPL-2.1)  (---)
  gmsh-4.12.2-source/contrib/voro++/LICENSE  (BSD-3C var)  2008, The Regents of the University of California, through Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (subject to receipt of any required
  gmsh-4.12.2-source/contrib/eigen/bench/btl/COPYING  (GPL 2)  (---)

And just for completeness, here a list of 6 possibly license-related files that were ignored because they are either source code, binary, data or symlinked files or were not processed for some other reason: gmsh-4.12.2-source/contrib/eigen/COPYING.APACHE, gmsh-4.12.2-source/contrib/eigen/COPYING.BSD, gmsh-4.12.2-source/contrib/eigen/COPYING.MINPACK, gmsh-4.12.2-source/contrib/eigen/COPYING.MPL2, gmsh-4.12.2-source/contrib/eigen/COPYING.README and gmsh-4.12.2-source/contrib/eigen/scripts/

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