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    1 Installing fdupes
    2 --------------------------------------------------------------------
    3 To build and install the program, issue the following commands:
    5 	./configure
    6 	make
    7 	sudo make install
    9 Starting with fdupes 2.0.0, a full-featured installation requires
   10 the following libraries to be installed on your system:
   12   - ncursesw (ncurses with support for wide characters)
   13   - PCRE2 (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library)
   15 Source code for these libraries is available at:
   17   https://www.gnu.org/software/ncurses/
   18   https://www.pcre.org/
   20 If these libraries are not available on your system or you want to
   21 build fdupes without them, you may instead call configure as:
   23 	./configure --without-ncurses
   25 followed by "make" and "sudo make install" as before.
   27 Please note that compiling fdupes without these libraries will
   28 disable the new screen-mode interface for choosing which files to
   29 keep or delete. Without them, fdupes will use an interface like
   30 the one used in previous versions.
   32 The commands above will build and install fdupes and its
   33 documentation under /usr/local by default. You may change the
   34 install location using:
   36 	./configure --prefix=/your/chosen/path
   38 followed by "make" and "sudo make install" as before.
   40 A test directory is included so that you may familiarise yourself
   41 with the way fdupes operates. You may test the program before
   42 installing it by issuing a command such as "./fdupes testdir" 
   43 or "./fdupes -r testdir", just to name a couple of examples. Refer
   44 to the documentation for information on valid options.