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DETOX.TBL(5) BSD File Formats Manual DETOX.TBL(5)


detox.tbl — translation table for detox(1)


detox allows for configuration of how the ISO 8859-1 and UTF-8 (Unicode) filters operate. Through text based translation tables, it is possible to tune how these character sets are interpreted.


The format of the translation tables is simple. There are two levels: one containing meta data and one containing the actual translations.

default _

Default specifies the default translation for a character. An empty or nonexistent default indicates that any unknown character should fall through to the next filter. In this manner, it is possible to chain together multiple translation tables in a sequence.


Indicates the start of a value list within the translation table.

start lang

Indicates the start of a language specific value list within the translation table.


Indicates the end of a value list within the translation table.

value translation

Value can be specified in decimal (1), hex (0x01) or octal (01). The same rules that apply to sscanf apply here.

Translation can be a string or a quoted string, with either single or double quotes.


default _
0x0101 a
0x0102 b


detox(1), detoxrc(5).


detox was written by Doug Harple.

BSD August 3, 2004 BSD