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Compilation Instructions


autoreconf --install


make install

Installation that overwrites config files and translation tables:

make force-install

Compilation notes

Ensure that the path to lex/yacc (or an equivalent) is in your $PATH environmental variable. For instance, under Solaris, you may need to add /usr/ccs/bin to your path to get detox to compile:

export PATH=${PATH}:/usr/ccs/bin

To get detox working with long options on Darwin or Solaris (or any other OS without getopt_long in its C library), I've included support for libpopt. Install libpopt and configure with the following:

./configure --with-popt

If you've installed libpopt in a directory other than /usr, which is likely, you'll want to specify the base path to libpopt. So, if popt.h is in /usr/local/include, you'll run configure like so:

./configure --with-popt=/usr/local

Release Instructions


  1. Run static analysis tools.
  2. Run make clean ; make to rebuild detox.
  3. Run tests/test.sh src/detox to perform basic regression tests.
  4. Run custom external regression tests.


  1. Update version at head of CHANGELOG.md.

  2. Update version link at footer of CHANGELOG.md.

  3. Update version in configure.ac.

  4. Run autoconf or make to rebuild configure.

  5. Commit and push.

     git diff
     git add -A
     git commit -m "Release v1.4.0"
     git tag
     git tag v1.4.0
     git push
     git push --tags
  6. Build tarballs.

     TAR_OPTIONS="--owner=0 --group=0 --numeric-owner"
     export TAR_OPTIONS
     make dist
     make dist-bzip2
     make dist-zip
  7. Create a new release on GitHub, using the rendered contents of the CHANGELOG, and attaching the release files.

  8. Create a new release on Sourceforge, using the same items.

  9. Update the "latest stable" version in README.md, if appropriate.

  10. Play Alwa's Legacy.