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Member "deco-1.6.4/lang.h" (9 Dec 2015, 1829 Bytes) of package /linux/privat/deco-1.6.4.tar.gz:

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    1 #include "ver.h"
    4 #define MSG_USAGE \
    5     "deco file extraction framework " VERSION " <https://github.com/peha/deco>\n" \
    6     "\n"                                                                          \
    7     "USAGE: deco [option...] archive...\n"                                        \
    8     "\n"                                                                          \
    9     "OPTIONS: -a      absolute (extract in archive's directory)\n"                \
   10     "         -c      clean up partial contents if extraction fails\n"            \
   11     "         -e ext  act as if archive's longest extension was .ext\n"           \
   12     "         -u      unlink archive and auxiliary files if successful\n"         \
   13     "         -v      verbose\n"
   15 #define MSG_EMPTY      "empty archive"
   16 #define MSG_EXTRACT    "could not extract archive"
   17 #define MSG_FIND_EXTR  "no matching extractor"
   18 #define MSG_IS_DIR     "is a directory"
   19 #define MSG_NORM_PERMS "could not normalize permissions"
   20 #define MSG_NOT_EXIST  "does not exist"
   21 #define MSG_NO_EXTRS   "no extractor wrappers found"
   23 #define MSG_ALLOC      "failed to allocate memory"
   24 #define MSG_CHDIR      "failed to change working directory"
   25 #define MSG_DEL        "failed to delete"
   26 #define MSG_OUT_TO_ERR "failed to redirect stdout to stderr"
   27 #define MSG_EXEC       "failed to run command"
   28 #define MSG_FORK       "failed to fork"
   29 #define MSG_LINK       "failed to create hard link"
   30 #define MSG_MKDIR      "failed to create directory"
   31 #define MSG_OPENDIR    "failed to open directory"
   32 #define MSG_PUTENV     "failed to modify environment"
   33 #define MSG_READLINK   "failed to get target of symbolic link"
   34 #define MSG_REGCOMP    "failed to compile regular expression"
   35 #define MSG_RENAME     "failed to rename"
   36 #define MSG_STAT       "failed to get information"
   37 #define MSG_SYMLINK    "failed to create symbolic link"