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Member "cutter-1.10.3/src/cmake/CutterInstallDirs.cmake" (8 May 2020, 468 Bytes) of package /linux/privat/cutter-1.10.3.tar.gz:

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    1 if(WIN32)
    2     set(CMAKE_INSTALL_BINDIR "." CACHE PATH "Executable install directory")
    3     set(CMAKE_INSTALL_INCLUDEDIR "include" CACHE PATH "Include install directory")
    4     set(CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR "lib" CACHE PATH "Library install directory")
    5 elseif(APPLE)
    6     include(GNUInstallDirs) #TODO: use appropriate paths for macOS
    7 else()
    8     include(GNUInstallDirs)
    9 endif()
   10 set(ConfigPackageLocation "${CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR}/Cutter" CACHE PATH "Cmake file install location")