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    1 $Id: README,v 7.2 1995/05/20 21:40:51 tom Exp $
    3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    5 The test-cases for C_COUNT are contrived to use all of the different switches
    6 defined for this utility. The results of each test are shown in the test-
    7 output, as well as any differences (should be none) from the reference-output.
    9 The test scripts assume that C_COUNT is in the parent directory.  Scripts
   10 are system-specific:
   12 	run_test.bat - MSDOS script
   14 	run_test.dcl - VMS script (doesn't use ".com" suffix because that
   15 		would create too many problems on MSDOS).
   17 	run_test.sh - UNIX script (invoked from the parent directory when
   18 		you do a "make check").