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    3 The files in this directory are needed on MSDOS or VMS to build C_COUNT.  If
    4 you need them, copy them into the top-level directory before making the
    5 program.
    7 	getopt.c, getopt.h - a free version of getopt function for systems that
    8 		don't already have it (i.e., MSDOS, VMS).  Some systems that
    9 		support auto-configuration may need these files; you'll have to
   10 		edit the makefile in that case.
   12 	wildcard.c - utility routines for expanding wildcards on non-UNIX
   13 		systems (VMS, MSDOS).
   15 	descrip.mms - makefile for VAX C.
   17 	turboc.mak - makefile for Turbo C/C++ on MSDOS.