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    1 MANIFEST for c_count-7.20, version v7_20
    2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    3 MANIFEST                        this file
    4 CHANGES                         extracted change-log from c_count.c
    5 COPYING                         copyright notice for C_COUNT
    6 README                          brief description of C_COUNT
    7 aclocal.m4                      autoconf macros
    8 c_count.1                       manual-page for C_COUNT
    9 c_count.c                       C_COUNT main program
   10 config.guess                    guess configuration
   11 config.hin                      template for config.h
   12 config.sub                      substitute configuration
   13 configure                       Configuration script for UNIX
   14 configure.in                    autoconf-template for C_COUNT
   15 descrip.mms                     VMS build-script for C_COUNT
   16 install-sh                      install-script from X11
   17 makefile.in                     makefile-template for C_COUNT
   18 patchlev.h                      patch-level of C_COUNT
   19 system.h                        template for autoconf includes
   20 package                         subdirectory
   21 package/c_count.nsi             build-script
   22 package/c_count.spec            RPM build-script for c_count
   23 package/debian                  subdirectory
   24 package/debian/changelog        debian build script
   25 package/debian/compat           debian build script
   26 package/debian/control          debian build script
   27 package/debian/copyright        debian build script
   28 package/debian/docs             debian build script
   29 package/debian/rules            debian build script
   30 package/debian/source           subdirectory
   31 package/debian/source/format    debian build script
   32 package/debian                  subdirectory
   33 package/debian/watch            debian build script
   34 porting                         subdirectory
   35 porting/README                  description of files in porting directory
   36 porting/getopt.c                public-domain version of 'getopt()'
   37 porting/getopt.h                interface of 'getopt()'
   38 porting/makefile.wnt            makefile for Windows NT
   39 porting/turboc.mak              makefile for Turbo C/C++
   40 porting/vmsbuild.com            VMS script for building C_COUNT
   41 porting/vmsshare.opt            VAX C linker options
   42 porting/wildcard.c              wildcard expansion for non-UNIX configuration
   43 testing                         subdirectory
   44 testing/Makefile                makefile for C_COUNT test-directory
   45 testing/README                  description of files in testing-directory
   46 testing/cat.ref                 reference (output from 'cat' test)
   47 testing/descrip.mms             VMS build-script for C_COUNT testing
   48 testing/history.ref             reference (output from history-filtering)
   49 testing/list.ref                reference (output from list-test)
   50 testing/normal.ref              reference (output from normal test)
   51 testing/quotes.ref              reference (output from unbalanced-quote test)
   52 testing/run_test.bat            test-script for MSDOS
   53 testing/run_test.dcl            VMS test-script for C_COUNT
   54 testing/run_test.sh             UNIX test-script for C_COUNT
   55 testing/showdiff.bat            compute test-differences for MSDOS
   56 testing/showdiff.sh             perform reference-comparison for 'run_tests.sh'
   57 testing/table.ref               reference (spreadsheet/tabular output)
   58 testing/table_p.ref             reference (output from per-file table)
   59 testing/test1.c                 test-file (unbalanced quote via #define)
   60 testing/test2.c                 test-file (embedded tab)
   61 testing/test3.c                 test-file for RCS-history