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Member "burp-2.3.6/src/fsops.h" (28 Apr 2019, 1457 Bytes) of package /linux/privat/burp-2.3.6.tar.bz2:

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    1 #ifndef _FSOPS_H
    2 #define _FSOPS_H
    4 #include <zlib.h>
    6 extern uint32_t fs_name_max;
    7 extern uint32_t fs_full_path_max;
    9 extern void close_fd(int *fd);
   11 extern int is_dir(const char *path, struct dirent *d);
   12 extern int is_dir_lstat(const char *path);
   13 extern int is_reg_lstat(const char *path);
   14 extern int mkpath(char **rpath, const char *limit);
   15 extern int build_path(const char *datadir, const char *fname,
   16         char **rpath, const char *limit);
   17 extern int do_rename(const char *oldpath, const char *newpath);
   18 extern int build_path_w(const char *path);
   19 extern int recursive_delete(const char *path);
   20 extern int recursive_delete_dirs_only(const char *path);
   21 extern int recursive_delete_dirs_only_no_warnings(const char *path);
   23 extern int unlink_w(const char *path, const char *func);
   25 extern int init_fs_max(const char *path);
   27 extern int entries_in_directory_alphasort(const char *path,
   28     char ***nl, int *count, int atime, int follow_symlinks);
   29 extern int filter_dot(const struct dirent *d);
   31 extern int files_equal(const char *opath, const char *npath, int compressed);
   33 #ifndef HAVE_WIN32
   34 extern int mksock(const char *path);
   36 extern int is_lnk_lstat(const char *path);
   37 extern int is_lnk_valid(const char *path);
   38 extern int do_symlink(const char *oldpath, const char *newpath);
   39 extern int readlink_w(const char *path, char buf[], size_t buflen);
   40 extern int readlink_w_in_dir(const char *dir, const char *lnk,
   41     char buf[], size_t buflen);
   42 #endif
   44 #endif