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    1 This section will provide code coverage reports from the burp unit tests,
    2 starting from version 2.0.26.
    4 There are two sets of tests in burp now:
    6 1) An 'end-to-end' system that basically runs a server, and does
    7 backups/verifies/restores, and changes config settings between each one. These
    8 are time consuming tests, and they are run from scripts in the 'test' directory
    9 of the burp source.
   10 These tests do not show up in the code coverage report.
   12 2) Unit tests that exercise small parts of the code hard.
   13 If you wish to run them yourself, change to the top level of the burp source
   14 directory and do this:
   15 make clean
   16 ./configure
   17 make check
   19 If you have lcov installed and you wish to generate a code coverage report when
   20 the tests pass, you can do so like this:
   21 make clean
   22 ./configure --with-coverage
   23 make coverage
   25 At first glance, the code coverage report will look like not much is getting
   26 tested, but that is not true, because you will not see (1) showing up in it.
   27 The intention is that more unit tests will be added as time goes on, so the
   28 coverage should climb.
   30 The code coverage reports can be found <a href="/coverage">here</a>.
   32 Although both sets of tests are run automatically when I commit code to burp,
   33 they absolutely do not cover all conditions and all environments.
   34 Please remember that burp comes with absolutely no warranty.
   35 You are responsible for testing it and ensuring that it works for you.