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Notable changes in 0.28 as compared to 0.27.1

May require attention



Build system

Thanks to (at least)

Aidan Hobson Sayers, Ben Kelly, Ben Wiederhake, Brandon Smith, Brian Minton, David Kettler, Frank Gevaerts, Gabriel Filion, Greg Troxel, James Lott, Karl-Philipp Richter, Luis Sanchez Sanchez, Marcus Schopen, Mark J Hewitt, Markus, Mathieu Schroeter, Michael March, Nimen Nachname, Nix, Patrick Rouleau, Paul Kronenwetter, Rob Browning, Robert Edmonds, Simon Persson, Tadej Jane┼ż, Thomas Klausner, Tilo Schwarz, Tim Riemenschneider, Wayne Scott, pspdevel, and stevelr