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    1 Bahamut was taken on by a group of loosely knit coders that decided that
    2 Dreamforge just was eating up too much CPU to handle DALnet's growing user
    3 base.  Originally starting out as the DFhybrid project, it slowly grew
    4 into the Bahamut project as the peices started falling together.
    6 Bahamut is based upon the hybrid IRCd, developed for EFnet, and we most
    7 surely wouldn't be where we are today without the dedication of the coders
    8 that developed that IRCd.  The Hybrid team is outlined in the file
    9 included with this distribution, in doc/Hybrid-team.  Please look over
   10 that file, those people are as much to credit for this as the people
   11 listed here.
   13 People who have supported the Bahamut project with code, support, or
   14 testing are, in alphabetical order:
   16 Aaron Wiebe         epiphani@dal.net
   17 Chip Norkus         wd@dal.net
   18 David Friedman      driz@dal.net
   19 David Knepper       dakal@dal.net
   20 David Parton        sedition@dal.net
   21 Diane Bruce         db@koruna.varner.com
   22 Emilio A. Escobar   skill@dal.net
   23 Holbrook Bunting    holbrook@dal.net
   24 Ian Westcott        rakarra@dal.net
   25 Jason Slagle        raistlin@bahamut.net
   26 Karthik Arumugham   karthik@karthik.com
   27 Kevin Turner        kevin@dal.net
   28 Kobi Shmueli        kobi@dal.net
   29 Lucas Madar         lucas@dal.net
   30 Mark Salerno        msofty@dal.net
   31 Ned T. Crigler      runeb@dal.net
   32 Peter Wood          doc_z@dal.net
   33 Ryan Smith          xpsycho@dal.net
   34 Sven Nielsen        dalvenjah@dal.net
   35 Trevor Talbot       quension@dal.net
   37 Thanks goes out to all those not listed here, your help is much
   38 appreciated.
   40 Feel free to contact the Bahamut team with any bugs, bug fixes, and the
   41 like at: coders@dal.net
   43 Also, there is a public mailing list for bahamut: dalnet-src@dal.net.
   44 This list would be the place to send suggestions and comments regarding
   45 Bahamut.
   47 And, last but not least, the Bahamut website is at http://bahamut.dal.net.
   49 Thanks for the Support,
   50 The Bahamut Coding Team