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    2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    3 Compiling GNU TeXmacs
    4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    6 1. Check dependencies.
    8    Before you compile GNU TeXmacs on your system, you have to make
    9    sure that the other programs on which GNU TeXmacs depends,
   10    such as Guile Scheme, FreeType 2, libiconv, etc.
   11    Configuration will fail if one if these dependencies are missing.
   13    There are also a certain number of optional dependencies,
   14    which may depend on your operating system, such as aspell,
   15    ImageMagick, or netpbm.
   17 2. Compile, install and run.
   19    GNU TeXmacs supports the standard GNU compilation and
   20    installation procedure. Assuming that you logged yourself
   21    in as root, cd into the installation directory and type
   23 	./configure
   24 	make
   25 	make install
   27    The first command examines your particular system configuration.
   28    The second command launches the compilation.
   29    The last command installs GNU TeXmacs in /usr/local.
   31    If you get an error when runnig 'make', be sure that you are using
   32    GNU make. You can check the version of make installed on your
   33    system by running 'make -v'. You may freely download GNU make at
   35 	ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/make
   37    If everything works fine, then you should be able to run the program by
   39 	texmacs &
   41    If this does not work, you should make sure that /usr/local/bin
   42    is in your PATH. Depending on your shell, you can ensure this by typing
   44 	export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH
   45    or
   46 	setenv PATH /usr/local/bin:$PATH
   48 3. Feedback
   50    Be cool and let us know if you like or dislike the program; see
   52 	http://www.texmacs.org
   54    It is very useful for us to have a rough idea about the number of
   55    permanent users and for what applications you are interested in TeXmacs.
   56    Furthermore, we are glad to receive your suggestions and problems,
   57    no matter how silly they may seem to you. If you really like the program,
   58    then please consider donating money or services to us; see
   60 	http://www.texmacs.org/Web/Donations.html
   62    Of course, you may also contribute yourself.
   64 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   66 Appendix A: Configuration options
   68    If you cannot log yourself in as root, or if you want to install
   69    TeXmacs elsewhere than in /usr/local, then you should use
   71 	./configure --prefix=[target directory]
   73    instead of ./configure. In this case, TeXmacs will be installed in
   74    [target directory] and you will have to set your PATH accordingly,
   75    as to contain [target directory]/bin. You can fine tune the
   76    installation paths with the options
   78    * --bindir=[binary directory]:
   79      sets the directory where the TeXmacs binaries should be installed
   80      ([target directory]/bin, by default).
   82    * --datadir=[data directory]:
   83      sets the directory where other TeXmacs data should be installed
   84      ([target directory]/share, by default).
   86    The configuration script try to pick the best optimization options
   87    for your architecture and compiler. Some versions of g++ have
   88    trouble optimizing TeXmacs and will produce a buggy executable
   89    unless inlining is turned off.
   91    * --disable-optimize
   92      --enable-optimize
   93      --enable-optimize=no-inline
   94      --enable-optimize=[compiler options]:
   95      overrides the (system dependent) default optimization settings.
   97    If you are hacking on TeXmacs, you may want to install an
   98    executable with debugging information.
  100    * --enable-debug
  101      --enable-debug=[compiler options]:
  102      build and install a debugger-enabled executable
  103      (compiler options defaults to -ggdb).
  105    This option specifies a compiler option, disable stripping of the
  106    installed executable and turn optimizations off. The option
  107    --enable-optimization can force optimizations, without a parameter
  108    it will use the architecture dependent default *with inlining*.
  110 Appendix B: Static compilation
  112    By default, we build TeXmacs using dynamically linked libraries.
  113    If you rather want to build the static version, use
  115 	make STATIC_TEXMACS
  117 Appendix C: Possible problems
  119    * Everything compiles fine, but you frequently get
  120      a segmentation fault when running the editor.
  121      Solution: This problem may have several causes:
  122      o You don't use a standard version of the GNU C++ compiler.
  123        We use gcc-2.95.3 on a GNU/Linux system on a PC;
  124        the versions 2.95.2 and 1.1.* should also work,
  125        but the optimizer may be bugged in other versions.
  126        Using the --disable-optimize option to ./configure
  127        may produce a more stable, but slower executable.
  128      o You are compiling TeXmacs on a not yet supported system.
  129        Please take a look at configure.in
  130        in order to see whether your system is supported.
  131        If not, please check that the macros WORD_LENGTH,
  132        WORD_LENGTH_INC and WORD_MASK are OK for your system.
  134     * You use Cygwin and you do not manage to get Guile working.
  135       Solution: There may be a problem with the file name
  136       ice-9/and-let*.scm (stars are not allowed in file names),
  137       which should be renamed as ice-9/and-let-star.scm. You should
  138       make the corresponding modifications in ice-9/Makefile.in.
  139       Since you might be unable to extract ice-9/and-let*.scm
  140       from the archive, you can find a copy of it (for guile-1.4)
  141       at http://www.texmacs.org/Data/and-let-star.scm
  143     * You have problems with compiling or linking with X Window.
  144       Solution: modify some of the compilation options in configure.in.
  146     * You have the impression that some of the modifications that you
  147       made in the source are not taken into account when you run make.
  148       Solution: type 'make deps' in order to generate the dependence
  149       files and/or 'rm src/Objects/*' in order to be sure that the
  150       object files are rebuilt.
  152     * If you encounter other problems, or if our fixes don't work, then please
  153       contact us at contact@texmacs.org.