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    1 mysql-zrm-backup(1)                                        mysql-zrm-backup(1)
    6        mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--bbaacckkuupp - Backup utility for ZRM for MySQL.
    9        mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--bbaacckkuupp
   10                        [----bbaacckkuupp--sseett _n_a_m_e]
   11                        [_B_a_c_k_u_p _S_o_u_r_c_e _O_p_t_i_o_n_s]
   12                        [_M_y_S_Q_L _A_c_c_e_s_s _O_p_t_i_o_n_s]
   13                        [_B_a_c_k_u_p _M_e_t_h_o_d _O_p_t_i_o_n_s]
   14                        [_B_a_c_k_u_p _D_e_s_t_i_n_a_t_i_o_n _O_p_t_i_o_n_s]
   15                        [_L_o_g_g_i_n_g _a_n_d _N_o_t_i_f_i_c_a_t_i_o_n _O_p_t_i_o_n_s]
   16                        [----ooppttiioonnss--ffiillee _c_o_n_f___f_i_l_e]
   17                        [----hheellpp]]
   19 BBaacckkuupp SSoouurrccee SSyynnooppssiiss
   20        mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--bbaacckkuupp
   21                    [----aallll--ddaattaabbaasseess] | [----ddaattaabbaasseess "_d_b_n_a_m_e_1 _d_b_n_a_m_e_2"...] |
   22                    [----ddaattaabbaassee  "_n_a_m_e"  [----ttaabblleess  _t_n_a_m_e_1  _t_n_a_m_e_2 ...]]
   23        [----eexxcclluuddee--ppaatttteerrnn _p_a_t_t_e_r_n]
   24                    [----rroouuttiinneess | ----nnoo--rroouuttiinneess]
   25                    [----mmyyssqqll--bbiinnppaatthh _M_y_S_Q_L___c_o_m_m_a_n_d___d_i_r]
   26                    [----mmyyssqqll--bbiinnlloogg--ppaatthh _M_y_S_Q_L___b_i_n_a_r_y___l_o_g___d_i_r]
   27                    [----ccoonnffiigg--ffiillee--lliisstt==""_c_o_n_f_i_g___f_i_l_e___p_a_t_h_n_a_m_e""]
   29 MMyySSQQLL AAcccceessss SSyynnooppssiiss
   30        mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--bbaacckkuupp
   31                              [----uusseerr _u_s_e_r]
   32                              [----ppaasssswwoorrdd _p_a_s_s_w_o_r_d]
   33                              [----hhoosstt _h_o_s_t_n_a_m_e]
   34                              [----ppoorrtt _p_o_r_t_n_u_m_b_e_r]
   35                              [----ssoocckkeett _n_a_m_e]
   36                              [----ssssll--ooppttiioonnss _"_M_y_S_Q_L _s_s_l _o_p_t_i_o_n_s_"]
   37                              [----ssiinnggllee--ttrraannssaaccttiioonn [aallwwaayyss|nneevveerr|oonnllyy--iinnnnooddbb]]
   38                              [----eexxttrraa--mmyyssqqlldduummpp--ooppttiioonnss _m_y_s_q_l_d_u_m_p___o_p_t_i_o_n_s]
   39                              [----eexxttrraa--mmyydduummppeerr--ooppttiioonnss _m_y_d_u_m_p_e_r___o_p_t_i_o_n_s]
   41 CCoommpprreessssiioonn aanndd EEnnccrryyppttiioonn SSyynnooppssiiss
   42        mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--bbaacckkuupp
   43                         [----ccoommpprreessss | ----nnoo--ccoommpprreessss ]
   44                         [----ccoommpprreessss--mmyyssqqlldduummpp--oonntthheeffllyy  | ----nnoo--ccoommpprreessss--mmyyssqqll--
   45        dduummpp--oonntthheeffllyy]
   46                         [----ccoommpprreessss--pplluuggiinn _p_l_u_g_i_n___n_a_m_e]
   47                         [----nnoo--eennccrryypptt | ----eennccrryypptt]
   48                         [----eennccrryypptt--pplluuggiinn    pplluuggiinn__nnaammee     [----ddeeccrryypptt--ooppttiioonn
   49        _o_p_t_i_o_n]]
   50                         [----ppaassssffiillee _f_i_l_e_n_a_m_e]
   52 PPlluuggiinn SSyynnooppssiiss
   53        mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--bbaacckkuupp
   54                         [----pprree--bbaacckkuupp--pplluuggiinn _p_l_u_g_i_n]
   55                         [----pprree--bbaacckkuupp--pplluuggiinn--ooppttiioonnss _"_o_p_t_i_o_n_1 _o_p_t_i_o_n_2 _._._._"]
   56                         [----ccooppyy--pplluuggiinn _p_l_u_g_i_n]
   57                         [----sssshh--uusseerr _u_s_e_r]
   58                         [----sssshh--iiddeennttiittyy--ffiillee _f_i_l_e_n_a_m_e]
   59                         [----rreemmoottee--mmyyssqqll--bbiinnppaatthh _p_a_t_h]
   60                         [----ssoocckkeett--rreemmoottee--ppoorrtt _p_o_r_t]
   61                         [----ppoosstt--bbaacckkuupp--pplluuggiinn _p_l_u_g_i_n]
   62                         [----ppoosstt--bbaacckkuupp--pplluuggiinn--ooppttiioonnss _"_o_p_t_i_o_n_1 _o_p_t_i_o_n_2 _._._._"]
   64 BBaacckkuupp MMeetthhoodd SSyynnooppssiiss
   65        mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--bbaacckkuupp
   66           [----bbaacckkuupp--lleevveell _l_e_v_e_l]
   67           [----bbaacckkuupp--mmooddee rraaww | llooggiiccaall]
   68           [----llooggiiccaall--ppaarraalllleell 00 | 11]
   69           [----ssyynncchhrroonnoouuss--cchheecckkssuumm | ----nnoo--ssyynncchhrroonnoouuss--cchheecckkssuumm]
   70           [----rreepplliiccaattiioonn | ----nnoorreepplliiccaattiioonn]
   71           [----rreetteennttiioonn--ppoolliiccyy _b_a_c_k_u_p___r_e_t_e_n_t_i_o_n___t_i_m_e]
   72           [----ddeeffaauulltt--cchhaarraacctteerr--sseett _c_h_a_r___s_e_t___n_a_m_e]
   73           [----ccoommpprreessss--ddaattaa--dduurriinngg--ttrraannssppoorrtt]
   75 SSnnaappsshhoott PPlluuggiinn SSyynnooppssiiss
   76        mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--bbaacckkuupp
   77           [----ssnnaappsshhoott--pplluuggiinn==""_s_n_a_p_s_h_o_t___p_l_u_g_i_n___p_a_t_h_n_a_m_e""]
   78           [----cchheecckk--iinnnnooddbb | ----nnoo--cchheecckk--iinnnnooddbb]
   79           [----bbaacckkuupp--ttyyppee rreegguullaarr|----bbaacckkuupp--ttyyppee qquuiicckk]]
   81           ----ssnnaappsshhoott--pplluuggiinn==""""//uussrr//sshhaarree//mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm//pplluuggiinnss//llvvmm--ssnnaappsshhoott..ppll""
   82                            [----ssnnaappsshhoott--ssiizzee _s_i_z_e]
   84           ----ssnnaappsshhoott--pplluuggiinn==""//uussrr//sshhaarree//mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm//pplluuggiinnss//zzffss--ssnnaappsshhoott..ppll""
   85                            (no options necessary)
   87 BBaacckkuupp DDeessttiinnaattiioonn SSyynnooppssiiss
   88        mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--bbaacckkuupp
   89                               [----bbaacckkuupp--nnaammee _i_m_a_g_e___n_a_m_e]
   90                               [----ddeessttiinnaattiioonn _d_i_r___p_a_t_h]
   91                               [----ttmmppddiirr _t_e_m_p___d_i_r
   93 LLooggggiinngg aanndd NNoottiiffiiccaattiioonn SSyynnooppssiiss
   94        mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--bbaacckkuupp
   95                               [----mmaaiillttoo _a_d_d_r_e_s_s]
   96                               [----mmaaiill--ppoolliiccyy _a_l_w_a_y_s_|_n_e_v_e_r_|_o_n_l_y_-_o_n_-_e_r_r_o_r]
   97                               [----ccoommmmeenntt "_c_o_m_m_e_n_t _s_t_r_i_n_g"]
   98                               [----qquuiieett|----nnoo--qquuiieett]
   99                               [----vveerrbboossee]
  102        ZRM  for  MySQL  provides  automated  scheduling of live MySQL database
  103        backup. You only need to configure it once to reflect the MySQL deploy-
  104        ment,  then  schedule it to run unattended backups. Various options can
  105        help an administrator:
  107        * Verify the backups created.
  109        * Generate various types of reports about the backups created.
  111        * Specify compression and encryption as desired.
  113        * Report information about the backups via an email or RSS feed.
  115        * Access pre- and post- backup plugins to extend the suite further.
  117        * Control full and selective restore operations on the  database,  both
  118        locally and remotely.
  120        mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--bbaacckkuupp  provides  the  core backup functions of ZRM for MySQL
  121        databases.
  123        Use the mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm..ccoonnff(5) configuration file  to  set  mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--bbaacckkuupp
  124        options  described on this page.  Use the ----aaccttiioonn cchheecckk option to ver-
  125        ify the configuration of mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--bbaacckkuupp.
  127        Use mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--bbaacckkuupp to create full or  incremental  backups  of  MySQL
  128        databases.
  130        To  display help on individual action options, append the --help option
  131        to the command  line.  For  example:  ’mysql-zrm-backup  --options-file
  132        --help’
  135        ZRM  for  MySQL  organizes  backups  into  Backup Sets. Each backup set
  136        defines the list of databases or  tables  within  a  database,  how  it
  137        should  be  backed up and the backup schedule for the data. Backup sets
  138        are identified by a unique name.
  140        Every backup run (each time mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm is executed) is  associated  with
  141        one  backup  set. Various parameters can be associated with each backup
  142        run.
  144        mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm    first    reads    the    global     configuration     file
  145        (//eettcc//mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm//mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm..ccoonnff).  The  global configuration file can be
  146        overridden  by  backup  set  specific  configuration  file  stored   in
  147        //eettcc//mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm//_b_a_c_k_u_p  _s_e_t  _n_a_m_e  directory. The mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm command line
  148        options will override the parameters  specified  in  the  configuration
  149        files.
  157        mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm  backups can be either full or incremental.  Full backups can
  158        be logical backups or raw backups.  Logical backups contain SQL  state-
  159        ments  to  recreate the database.  Raw backups are actual copies of the
  160        database files.
  162        When logical backup is specified, the utility uses only  mmyyssqqlldduummpp  for
  163        backing up specified databases and tables.
  165        When  raw  backup  is  specified, the utility has the ability to decide
  166        which backup mechanism to use for a particular database. If  there  are
  167        no transactional storage engine based tables in the specified database,
  168        then it uses mmyyssqqllhhoottccooppyy for backing up that database.  Otherwise,  it
  169        uses mmyyssqqlldduummpp for backing up the specified database.
  171        Snapshot  backups are discussed in the Snapshot Options section of this
  172        man page.
  174        When rreepplliiccaattiioonn is specified and if the MySQL server is a  replication
  175        slave, then it will also backup all replication related files.
  177        When  ddeessttiinnaattiioonn specified then the backups are stored in a sub-direc-
  178        tory under the specified directory. Default path is //vvaarr//lliibb//mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm.
  179        If  the  destination  specified does not exist, it will return an error
  180        and exit; the utility does not create the directory.
  182        An index file is also created in the backup directory. The index  is  a
  183        file that contains the details of what was backed up, how much data was
  184        backed up, what parameters were used to backup the data, how much  time
  185        it took to backup etc.
  187        When  an  incremental  backup  is  specified, the following options are
  188        ignored:
  190        bbaacckkuupp--mmooddee,
  192        ssnnaappsshhoott--pplluuggiinn,
  194        aallll--ddaattaabbaasseess,
  196        ddaattaabbaasseess,
  198        ddaattaabbaassee
  200        ttaabblleess
  204        You can select a backup set by name on  the  command  line,  or  select
  205        source  database(s), backup methods, plugins, etc. by using the options
  206        described in the Options subsections that follow. You can also  specify
  207        mysql-zrm-backup  options  in  a configuration file specified using the
  208        ----ooppttiioonnss switch.
  211        ----bbaacckkuupp--sseett _n_a_m_e
  212               Specify backup-set for the backup run. This is  a  Command  line
  213               option  only  and cannot be specified in the configuration file.
  214               The default value is _B_a_c_k_u_p_S_e_t_1. If  such  a  value  is  already
  215               present, it will be used.
  217        ----ooppttiioonnss--ffiillee _c_o_n_f___f_i_l_e
  218               Set   the   file   along   with   full  pathname  that  contains
  219               mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--bbaacckkuupp configuration options; this file has  the  same
  220               format as mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm..ccoonnff(5).
  222        ----hheellpp Displays  the  help  message  and  exits. This command-line-only
  223               parameter cannot be specified in the configuration file.
  226 BBaacckkuupp SSoouurrccee OOppttiioonnss
  227        ----aallll--ddaattaabbaasseess
  228               Opt for all databases to be backed up or restored. This  is  the
  229               default if _d_a_t_a_b_a_s_e or _d_a_t_a_b_a_s_e_s are not specified.
  231        ----ddaattaabbaasseess _"_n_a_m_e_1 _n_a_m_e_2 _._._._"
  232               List the databases to backup or restore.
  234        ----ddaattaabbaassee _n_a_m_e [----ttaabblleess "_n_a_m_e_1 _n_a_m_e_2 _._._."]
  235               List  the  tables that should be backed up. This option is valid
  236               during the backup operation only.
  238        ----eexxcclluuddee--ppaatttteerrnn _"_p_a_t_t_e_r_n_"
  239               All databases or tables that match the _p_a_t_t_e_r_n  are  not  backed
  240               up. If ----aallll--ddaattaabbaasseess or ----ddaattaabbaasseess are specified, the exclude
  241               pattern applies to database names. If ----ddaattaabbaassee  is  specified,
  242               the  exclude pattern applies to table names. Wildcard characters
  243               _* (match one or more characters), _? (match  one  character),  _[_]
  244               (match one of the characters specified within parenthesis) and _|
  245               (match one of the patterns) are supported. For example:  Exclude
  246               pattern  "*_db|dbase[123]|abcd" will match names tom_db, dbase1,
  247               dbase2, abcd. All tables or databases that  match  this  pattern
  248               will  be  excluded.  Character _# is not permitted in the exclude
  249               pattern.
  251        ----rroouuttiinneess|----nnoo--rroouuttiinneess
  252               If ----rroouuttiinneess is specified then mysqldump will dump stored  rou-
  253               tines. The default is ----nnoo--rroouuttiinneess. This parameter is optional.
  255        ----mmyyssqqll--bbiinnppaatthh _m_y_s_q_l___c_o_m_m_a_n_d___d_i_r
  256               Set the full path where mysql  binary  commands  are  installed.
  257               For example: //oopptt//llaammpppp//bbiinn.
  259        ----mmyyssqqll--bbiinnlloogg--ppaatthh _m_y_s_q_l___b_i_n_a_r_y___l_o_g___l_o_c_a_t_i_o_n
  260               Set  the   full  path of the location of mysql binary logs.  For
  261               example: //vvaarr//lloogg//mmyyssqqll
  263        ----ccoonnffiigg--ffiillee--lliisstt==""_l_i_s_t___f_i_l_e___p_a_t_h""
  264               Intended for configuration file backup, this optional  parameter
  265               lets  you specify a list of files to backup during a full backup
  266               of any type (snapshot, logical, or raw). The  _l_i_s_t___f_i_l_e___p_a_t_h  is
  267               the  path  to  the  file that contains the list of configuration
  268               files to back up. The list itself should specify full pathnames,
  269               separated by newlines.
  271               The  config-file-list  is processed after the main data has been
  272               backed up, and the list file itself is copied to the destination
  273               directory  along  with the configuration files. The backup index
  274               will record the config-file-list parameter.
  276               Files specified by config-file-list will be  restored  during  a
  277               full restore to their original locations, preserving permissions
  278               and ownership.
  282 MMyySSQQLL AAcccceessss OOppttiioonnss
  283        ----uusseerr _u_s_e_r
  284               Specify MySQL backup/restore user on the  MySQL  server.  If  no
  285               user  is  specified  here,  ensure  that you have the MySQL user
  286               specified in the mmyy..ccnnff or  ----ooppttiioonnss  file  has  the  necessary
  287               privileges.
  289        ----ppaasssswwoorrdd _p_a_s_s_w_o_r_d
  290               Specify  password for the MySQL user. If you wish to prevent the
  291               password from being sent in plaintext over the network, you  may
  292               wish  to  configure  the  MySQL  username and password using the
  293               MySQL mmyy..ccnnff or ----ooppttiioonnss file.
  295        ----hhoosstt _h_o_s_t_n_a_m_e
  296               Specify MySQL server host name or IP name.
  298        ----ppoorrtt _p_o_r_t_n_u_m_b_e_r
  299               Specify MySQL server port.
  301        ----ssoocckkeett _n_a_m_e
  302               Specify socket file to use for communication with MySQL  server.
  304        ----ssssll--ooppttiioonnss "_M_y_S_Q_L _s_s_l _o_p_t_i_o_n_s"
  305               Set any ----ssssll** options that MySQL supports. Refer to MySQL Docu-
  306               mentation for SSL options details.
  308        ----ssiinnggllee--ttrraannssaaccttiioonn [aallwwaayyss|nneevveerr|oonnllyy--iinnnnooddbb]
  309               The ssiinnggllee--ttrraannssaaccttiioonn option controls under what  circumstances
  310               MySQL  for ZRM will pass the ----ssiinnggllee--ttrraannssaaccttiioonn ooppttiioonn sseettttiinngg
  311               ttoo mmyyssqqlldduummpp when executing a database dump.  Specifying  aallwwaayyss
  312               causes  ----ssiinnggllee--ttrraannssaaccttiioonn  to  always be passed, nneevveerr causes
  313               the ----ssiinnggllee--ttrraannssaaccttiioonn to never  be  passed,  and  oonnllyy--iinnnnooddbb
  314               specifies  that  ----ssiinnggllee--ttrraannssaaccttiioonn will only be passed during
  315               innodb-only backups.  For example, if oonnllyy--iinnnnooddbb is  specified,
  316               the  ----ssiinnggllee--ttrraannssaaccttiioonn  wwiillll  nnoott  bbee ppaasssseedd ffoorr bbaacckkuuppss tthhaatt
  317               iinncclluuddee mmyyiissaamm oorr ootthheerr nnoonn--ttrraannssaaccttiioonnaall ttaabblleess..
  319        ----eexxttrraa--mmyyssqqlldduummpp--ooppttiioonnss=="" _m_y_s_q_l_d_u_m_p___o_p_t_i_o_n_s""
  320               Use this to pass any extra mmyyssqqlldduummpp options when ZRM for  MySQL
  321               executes  a  mmyyssqqlldduummpp_. _F_o_r _e_x_a_m_p_l_e_, _i_f _y_o_u _r_e_q_u_i_r_e mmyyssqqlldduummpp to
  322               be run with the ----fflluusshh--llooggss and ----nnoo--ccrreeaattee--iinnffoo options, spec-
  323               ify ----eexxttrraa--mmyyssqqlldduummpp--ooppttiioonnss==""----fflluusshh--llooggss ----nnoo--ccrreeaattee--iinnffoo"" in
  324               the mysql-zrm.conf file.
  326        ----eexxttrraa--mmyydduummppeerr--ooppttiioonnss=="" _m_y_d_u_m_p_e_r___o_p_t_i_o_n_s""
  327               Use this to pass any extra mmyydduummppeerr options when ZRM  for  MySQL
  328               executes  a mmyydduummppeerr_. _F_o_r _e_x_a_m_p_l_e_, _i_f _y_o_u _r_e_q_u_i_r_e mmyydduummppeerr to be
  329               run  with   the   ----tthhrreeaaddss   and   ----rreeggeexx   options,   specify
  330               ----eexxttrraa--mmyydduummppeerr--ooppttiioonnss==""----tthhrreeaaddss==44  ----rreeggeexx==’’RReegguullaarr  eexxpprreess--
  331               ssiioonn ffoorr ’’ddbb..ttaabbllee’’ mmaattcchhiinngg’’"" in the mysql-zrm.conf file.
  333 BBaacckkuupp MMeetthhoodd OOppttiioonnss
  334        ----bbaacckkuupp--lleevveell _l_e_v_e_l
  335               Choose 0 for full backup. Choose  1  for  incremental  back  up.
  336               Default is full backup.
  338        ----bbaacckkuupp--mmooddee rraaww|llooggiiccaall
  339               Database/tables that use a transactional engine cannot be backed
  340               up by mmyyssqqlldduummpp. They  should  be  backed  up  by  mmyyssqqllhhoottccooppyy.
  341               Choose  rraaww  to  use mmyyssqqllhhoottccooppyy to back up the database/tables
  342               that use a transactional engine.  Choose llooggiiccaall to  use  mmyyssqqll--
  343               dduummpp  to  back  up the database/tables that don’t use a transac-
  344               tional engine.  Default value is rraaww.
  346        ----llooggiiccaall--ppaarraalllleell |11
  347               Choose 0 for mysqldump backup. Choose 1 for mydumper muti-thread
  348               logical back up. Default is mydsqldump backup.
  350        ----ssyynncchhrroonnoouuss--cchheecckkssuumm | ----nnoo--ssyynncchhrroonnoouuss--cchheecckkssuumm
  351               Specifies  whether  a  checksum  should  be  produced during the
  352               backup process. Default  is  nnoo--ssyynncchhrroonnoouuss--cchheecckkssuumm,  in  which
  353               case  the  checksum is produced only after the backup process is
  354               complete.   Specifying   ----ssyynncchhrroonnoouuss--cchheecckkssuumm    significantly
  355               increases overall backup times.
  357        ----rreepplliiccaattiioonn | ----nnoorreepplliiccaattiioonn
  358               Choose  replication  to  backup  replication files. They will be
  359               backed up only if the  host  is  a  replication  slave.  Default
  360               option is ----nnoorreepplliiccaattiioonn.
  362        ----ddeeffaauulltt--cchhaarraacctteerr--sseett _c_h_a_r___s_e_t___n_a_m_e
  363               The  default  character  set  that  mysqldump should use. If not
  364               specified utf8 is used. This parameter is optional.
  366        ----ccoommpprreessss--ddaattaa--dduurriinngg--ttrraannssppoorrtt
  367               If the value is set to 1,  the  backup  is  compressed  when  it
  368               transferred  from  MySQL server to ZRM server. Setting the value
  369               to zero, no compression is performed.  No  compression  is  per-
  370               formed  by default. Data compression during transfer is indepen-
  371               dent of the Backup compression parameter.
  374 PPlluuggiinn OOppttiioonnss
  375        ----pprree--bbaacckkuupp--pplluuggiinn _p_l_u_g_i_n
  376               (Optional) Specify the plugin along with  full  pathname  to  be
  377               called  before  a backup run. All pre-backup plugin scripts must
  378               accept the following command-line parameters (which  are  passed
  379               to the plugin using ----pprree--bbaacckkuupp--pplluuggiinn--ooppttiioonnss:
  381               ----aallll--ddaattaabbaasseess
  382                   Use when all databases on the server are being backed up.
  384               ----ddaattaabbaassee _d_a_t_a_b_a_s_e_1 _d_a_t_a_b_a_s_e_2......
  385                   Use when selected databases are being backed up.
  387               ----ddaattaabbaassee ddaattaabbaassee ----ttaabblleess ttaabbllee11 ttaabbllee22......
  388                   Use if selected tables are being backed up.
  390               The  script  should  be  written  to  return a non-zero value on
  391               error; pre-backup plugin failures should cancel the  backup  and
  392               generate a failure message for reports and logs.
  394        ----pprree--bbaacckkuupp--pplluuggiinn--ooppttiioonnss ""_o_p_t_i_o_n_1 _o_p_t_i_o_n_2...""
  395               Pass options to the pprree--bbaacckkuupp--pplluuggiinn as one of the command line
  396               arguments.
  398        ----ccooppyy--pplluuggiinn _p_l_u_g_i_n
  399               Specify plugin along with full pathname to be used for transfer-
  400               ring  backup  files  to  and  from  a remote MySQL server to the
  401               machine running ZRM for MySQL.  Use this option when
  402                  1. remote incremental backup is required
  403                  2. copying replication related files from a remote machine
  404                  3. execute mmyyssqqllhhoottccooppyy (MySQL command)  and  copy  the  data
  405               from the remote machine
  406                  4.  restore data to a remote machine using mmyyssqqllhhoottccooppyy(MySQL
  407               command).  This parameter is optional.
  409        ----sssshh--uusseerr _u_s_e_r
  410               Specifies the user to be used for SSH. This  parameter  is  only
  411               used by the ssh-copy.pl plugin. The user specified should either
  412               be the user mmyyssqqlldd runs as or root. If not specified the default
  413               value used is mmyyssqqll. This parameter is optional.
  415        ----sssshh--iiddeennttiiffyy--ffiillee _f_i_l_e_n_a_m_e
  416               Selects  a file from which the identity (private key) for RSA or
  417               DSA authentication is read. This identity file is  used  by  the
  418               ssh-copy.pl plugin for authentication.
  420        ----rreemmoottee--mmyyssqqll--bbiinnppaatthh _p_a_t_h
  421               Full  path  where  mysql  binaries  are  installed on the remote
  422               machine. For example: //oopptt//llaammpppp//bbiinn.  This  parameter  is  only
  423               used by the socket-copy.pl and ssh-copy.pl plugins. If not spec-
  424               ified, the default value used is //uussrr//bbiinn.
  426        ----ssoocckkeett--rreemmoottee--ppoorrtt _p_o_r_t
  427               Port that the  socket-plugin.pl  should  use  to  connect.  This
  428               parameter  is  only  used  by  the socket-copy.pl plugin. If not
  429               specified the default value used is  25300.  This  parameter  is
  430               optional
  432        ----ppoosstt--bbaacckkuupp--pplluuggiinn _p_l_u_g_i_n
  433               Set  the  plugin  along  with full pathname to be called after a
  434               backup run. If synchronous-checksum is not set or its  value  is
  435               set to zero, the post backup plugin is called twice, once at the
  436               end of backup and once when the checksum is finished.
  439        ----ppoosstt--bbaacckkuupp--pplluuggiinn--ooppttiioonnss ""_O_p_t_i_o_n_1 _O_p_t_i_o_n_2 _O_p_t_i_o_n_3 _O_p_t_i_o_n_4...""
  440               _o_p_t_i_o_n_1 is the  value  of  ppoosstt--bbaacckkuupp--pplluuggiinn--ooppttiioonnss  from  the
  441               mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm..ccoonnff(5) file.  _o_p_t_i_o_n_2 is the data being backed up. It
  442               will be either
  444               ----aallll--ddaattaabbaasseess
  445                   Use when all databases on the server are being backed up.
  447               ----ddaattaabbaassee _d_a_t_a_b_a_s_e_1 _d_a_t_a_b_a_s_e_2......
  448                   Use when selected databases are being backed up.
  450               ----ddaattaabbaassee ddaattaabbaassee ----ttaabblleess ttaabbllee11 ttaabbllee22......
  451                   Use if selected tables are being backed up.
  453               _O_p_t_i_o_n_3 will be ----bbaacckkuupp--ddiirreeccttoorryy _p_a_t_h
  455               _O_p_t_i_o_n_4 will be ----cchheecckkssuumm--ppeennddiinngg or it will be ----cchheecckkssuumm--ffiinn--
  456               iisshheedd if synchronous-checksum is set to 1.
  458               If  synchronous-checksum is not set or its value is set to zero,
  459               the post-backup-plugin is called again and it will have 3 param-
  460               eters First parameter is the value of ppoosstt--bbaacckkuupp--pplluuggiinn--ooppttiioonnss
  461               from the mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm..ccoonnff(5) configuration file.  Second parameter
  462               will   be  ----bbaacckkuupp--ddiirreeccttoorryy  _p_a_t_h.  Third  parameter  will  be
  463               ----cchheecckkssuumm--ffiinniisshheedd.
  465 CCoommpprreessssiioonn aanndd EEnnccrryyppttiioonn OOppttiioonnss
  466        ----ccoommpprreessss | ----nnoo--ccoommpprreessss
  467               Choose whether the files should be compressed using the  utility
  468               specified    by    the   ----ccoommpprreessss--pplluuggiinn.   The   default   is
  469               ----nnoo--ccoommpprreessss.
  471        ----ccoommpprreessss--mmyyssqqlldduummpp--oonntthheeffllyy | ----nnoo--ccoommpprreessss--mmyyssqqlldduummpp--oonntthheeffllyy
  472               Choose whether to compress the data dumped by mmyyssqqlldduummpp  on  the
  473               fly.   Default  compression command used is ggzziipp.  Default is no
  474               compression on the fly.
  476        ----ccoommpprreessss--pplluuggiinn _p_l_u_g_i_n___n_a_m_e
  477               Use _p_l_u_g_i_n___n_a_m_e to specify a path to the utility to use for com-
  478               pression. The default is ggzziipp.
  480        ----nnoo--eennccrryypptt | ----eennccrryypptt
  481               Choose  whether  the files should be encrypted using the utility
  482               specified by the ----eennccrryypptt--pplluuggiinn. The default is  ----nnoo--eennccrryypptt.
  484        ----eennccrryypptt--pplluuggiinn pplluuggiinn__nnaammee [----ddeeccrryypptt--ooppttiioonn [_o_p_t_i_o_n]
  485               Use   pplluuggiinn__nnaammee  to  specify  a utility to use for compression
  486               along with its full path.  If ddeeccrryypptt--ooppttiioonn  is  not  specified
  487               then the --dd option of encrypt-plugin is used for decrypting.
  489        ----ppaassssffiillee _f_i_l_e_n_a_m_e
  491 SSnnaappsshhoott PPlluuggiinn OOppttiioonnss
  492        ----ssnnaappsshhoott--pplluuggiinn==""_p_l_u_g_i_n___p_a_t_h_n_a_m_e""
  493               Specifies  the  plugin  to  be used for snapshot operations. The
  494               default is the lvm-snapshot plugin.
  496        [----cchheecckk--iinnnnooddbb | ----nnoo--cchheecckk--iinnnnooddbb]
  497               Specifies whether to check for iinnnnooddbb shared data and log  files
  498               to   back  up  during  every  snapshot-based  based  backup.  If
  499               ----cchheecckk--iinnnnooddbb is specified, iinnnnooddbb shared  data  and  logs  are
  500               only  backed  up if the databases being backed up use iinnnnooddbb. If
  501               ----nnoo--cchheecckk--iinnnnooddbb  is  specified  (the  default),   the   iinnnnooddbb
  502               databases  and logs are backed up regardless of whether they are
  503               relevant.  The default value is ----nnoo--cchheecckk--iinnnnooddbb,  which  means
  504               iinnnnooddbb  shared  data  and  logs  are always copied if the iinnnnooddbb
  505               engine is enabled in MySQL.  In  most  cases,  ----nnoo--cchheecckk--iinnnnooddbb
  506               provides the best performance.
  508        ----ssnnaappsshhoott--ssiizzee _s_i_z_e
  509               Set  the size of the llvvmm--ssnnaappsshhoott to be generated. For rraaww back-
  510               ups, each specified database is first checked ensure that it  is
  511               on  a  LVM  volume, and then a snapshot of the specified size is
  512               created and used  to  backup  the  database.  If  the  specified
  513               database  is  not on a LVM volume, either mmyyssqqllhhoottccooppyy or mmyyssqqll--
  514               dduummpp will be used to create the backup based on the logic speci-
  515               fied  by the ----bbaacckkuupp--mmooddee option. This option is ignored if the
  516               ----bbaacckkuupp--mmooddee is llooggiiccaall.
  518        ----bbaacckkuupp--ttyyppee rreegguullaarr|----bbaacckkuupp--ttyyppee qquuiicckk
  519               Choose the method of snapshot backup. The rreegguullaarr option  speci-
  520               fies  that the snapshot should be copied into a standard ZRM for
  521               MySQL backup archive. The qquuiicckk option specifies that the  snap-
  522               shot  itself should be used as a near-line backup. Quick backups
  523               are convenient as they provide near-instantaneous restores,  but
  524               because  they  remain  on  the  MySQL server they do not protect
  525               against media or server failure. Note that  if  the  ’’’quick’’’
  526               option   is  specified,  the  ’’’compress’’’  and  ’’’encrypt’’’
  527               options are ignored, and the backup size will always be zero. In
  528               addition,  no  checksums  are  performed, which means that quick
  529               snapshot backups cannot be verified.
  531 BBaacckkuupp DDeessttiinnaattiioonn OOppttiioonnss
  532        ----bbaacckkuupp--nnaammee _i_m_a_g_e___n_a_m_e
  533               Specify a unique name to store the backup.  If  a  name  is  not
  534               specified or it already exists in the ----ddeessttiinnaattiioonn _d_i_r_p_a_t_h (see
  535               the next option), the backup image will be named with  the  cur-
  536               rent date and time.
  538        ----ddeessttiinnaattiioonn _d_i_r___p_a_t_h
  539               Specify  the directory to store the backup. The default location
  540               is //vvaarr//lliibb//mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm//. If a directory other than the default is
  541               specified,  you must create it manually on both the MySQL server
  542               and the ZRM server, and it must have permissions  set  to  allow
  543               read/write access to the mysql backup user.
  545 LLooggggiinngg aanndd NNoottiiffiiccaattiioonn OOppttiioonnss
  546        ----mmaaiillttoo _a_d_d_r_e_s_s
  547               Set the address to which a backup report will be sent.
  549        ----mmaaiill--ppoolliiccyy _a_l_w_a_y_s_|_n_e_v_e_r_|_o_n_l_y_-_o_n_-_e_r_r_o_r
  550               Mail  policy  determines when email notification should be sent.
  551               The value _a_l_w_a_y_s is the default value and email notification  is
  552               sent  for  all events. If the mail policy is set to _n_e_v_e_r, email
  553               notification is not sent for all events. If the mail  policy  is
  554               set  to  _o_n_l_y_-_o_n_-_e_r_r_o_r,  notification  is  sent  when there is a
  555               backup failure if mmaaiillttoo is specified.
  557        ----ccoommmmeenntt "_C_o_m_m_e_n_t _s_t_r_i_n_g"
  558               Insert a comment or a note about the backup run.   This  can  be
  559               used  to  tag  backup  runs and the note can retrieved using the
  560               mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--rreeppoorrtteerr(1) utility.
  562        ----qquuiieett | ----nnoo--qquuiieett
  563               Choose quiet to suppress display  of  log  messages  on  stdout.
  564               Choose  _n_o_-_q_u_i_e_t to display the log messages stdout.  Default is
  565               ----nnoo--qquuiieett.
  567        ----vveerrbboossee
  568               Provide verbose output in the log.  Default is that  verbose  is
  569               turned off and a terse output is generated.
  572        FFIILLEESS
  574        //vvaarr//lliibb//mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm
  575               Default directory for storing all backup data.
  578        //eettcc//mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm//_b_a_c_k_u_p _s_e_t _n_a_m_e//mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm..ccoonnff
  579               Default  location  for the backup-set configuration file used by
  580               the mmyyssqqll--zzrrmm--bbaacckkuupp utility.
  584        On success, zero is returned. On error, non-zero value is returned.
  588        mysql-zrm(1),     mysql-zrm-manage-backup(1),     mysql-zrm-restore(1),
  589        mysql-zrm-check(1),       mysql-zrm-list(1),      mysql-zrm-getconf(1),
  590        mysql-zrm-setconf(1),  mysql-zrm-parse-binlogs(1),  mysql-zrm-purge(1),
  591        mysql-zrm-extract-backup(1),                mysql-zrm-verify-backup(1),
  592        mysql-zrm-abort-backup(1),                      mysql-zrm-scheduler(1),
  593        mysql-zrm-reporter(1), mysql-zrm.conf(5), mysqldump(1), mysqlbinlog(1),
  594        mysql(1), lvm(8), Zmanda  Recovery  Manager  for  MySQL  (http://mysql-
  595        backup.zmanda.com/)
  599        Zmanda Inc. (http://www.zmanda.com)
  603 Zmanda, Inc.                    ZRM for MySQL              mysql-zrm-backup(1)