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    1                      ====================================
    2                        Package "Date::Calc" Version 6.4
    3                      ====================================
    6                   Copyright (c) 1995 - 2015 by Steffen Beyer.
    7                              All rights reserved.
   10 Credits:
   11 --------
   13 Many thanks to Andreas Koenig for his efforts as upload-manager for the
   14 CPAN, his patience, and lots of very good advice and suggestions! Thank
   15 you for doing such a tremendous (and very time-consuming) job!!
   17 Also many thanks to David Jenkins for reviewing the first version of this
   18 README file and the english man page.
   20 Thanks to Jarkko Hietaniemi for suggesting the "days_in_month()" function.
   22 Many thanks to Christian <chrisi@vm.akh-wien.ac.at> for reporting the bug
   23 fixed in version 1.4, which showed up on an HP E55 running HP-UX 10.01 and
   24 Perl 5.001m with the c89 Ansi 89 compiler from HP.
   26 Also many thanks to David Thompson <dlt@dewey.csun.edu> for reporting a
   27 problem he encountered concerning the inclusion of the Perl distribution
   28 ("Unable to find include file ...") and for suggesting a solution for this
   29 problem. (That's the most pleasant kind of problem report, of course! ;-) )
   31 Many thanks to Tom Limoncelli <tal@plts.org> for raising the question of
   32 how to calculate the 2nd Thursday of a given month and year!
   34 Many thanks to Bart Robinson <lomew@cs.utah.edu> for suggesting the "all"
   35 export option and the "decode_day()" and "decode_month()" functions.
   37 Also many thanks to Ron Savage <Ron.Savage@datacraft.com.au> for suggesting
   38 the incorporation of time calculations into this module. (Sorry that I
   39 didn't include the handling of time zones, which can be taken care of
   40 more easily by adding/subtracting the appropriate time value in an extra,
   41 preliminary step!)
   43 Many thanks to Jonathan Lemon <jlemon@americantv.com> for reporting
   44 the bug (and how to fix it!) concerning arrays as parameters, fixed
   45 in version 2.2!
   47 Many thanks to Tim Zingelman <zingelman@fnal.gov> for reporting the problem
   48 fixed in version 2.3 and for testing an intermediate new version of this
   49 module on his machine!
   51 Many thanks to Jonas Liljegren <jonas@cultcom.se> for posting a subroutine
   52 for calculating easter monday in news:comp.lang.perl.modules and thereby
   53 triggering my writing of the new "Date::CalcLib" module which has been
   54 added in version 3.0 of the "Date::Calc" distribution.
   56 Also many thanks to Claus Tondering <claus@tondering.dk> for his excellent
   57 web pages and FAQ in news:news.answers about calendars and how to calcu-
   58 late easter sunday.
   60 Thanks to Reinhold Stansich <dynaconsult@netway.at> for posting a list
   61 of christian feast days and their offsets from easter sunday in news:
   62 comp.databases.ms-access and to Tammo Schnieder <schniede@hh.sdm.de>
   63 for sending me his posting.
   65 Many thanks to Max Ruffert <mor@mpa-garching.mpg.de> at the Max Planck
   66 Institute for Astrophysics in Garching for looking up Gauss' Rule for
   67 calculating easter sunday (the algorithm which is implemented in the
   68 "Date::CalcLib" module) for me and dictating it to me over the
   69 phone!
   71 Many thanks to Chris Halverson <cdh@CompleteIS.com> for asking me
   72 "is there a "standard" way to create a calendar similar to the output
   73 of cal(1)?", which gave me the idea to write the function "calendar"
   74 which has been added to the module "DateCalcLib" in version 3.1, and
   75 also for the C code demonstrating how to use the C library "lib_date.c"
   76 stand-alone, because that was what he needed to do as well.
   78 Many thanks to Gunardi Wu <gunardi@starindo.net> for notifying me about
   79 the bug in the "Add_Delta_YMD()" function which was fixed in version 4.1.
   81 Thanks to the several people who notified me about two compiler warnings
   82 concerning incompatible character types in Calc.xs line 857 (added two
   83 casts in version 4.2 to fix this flaw).
   85 Many thanks to Alessio Bragadini <alessio@sevenseas.org> for the patch he
   86 sent in to add Italian as one of the supported languages (version 4.3).
   88 Many thanks to Roland Titze <Roland.Titze@ks.sel.alcatel.de> and
   89 to Andrew Brown <alloneword@dial.pipex.com> for pointing out the
   90 misspelling of "whether" (was: wether) throughout my documentation,
   91 corrected in version 5.0.
   93 Special thanks go to Tim Mueller-Seydlitz <Tim.MuellerSeydlitz@blb.de>
   94 for notifying me about the inability of all string decoding routines
   95 to parse special ISO-Latin-1 characters correctly.
   97 Many thanks to Gisle Aas <gisle@aas.no> for many good suggestions
   98 and his patch for adding support for Norwegian.
  100 Many thanks to Jerker Nilsson <jnn@annons.dn.se> for his patch for
  101 adding Swedish.
  103 Also many thanks to Masanao Izumo <mo@goice.co.jp> for raising the
  104 question of a "Delta_YMD()" function and for sending in patches.
  106 And last but not least many thanks to Slaven Rezic <eserte@cs.tu-berlin.de>,
  107 Tobias Brox <tobiasb@odin.funcom.com> and Matthew Persico <persicom@acedsl.com>
  108 for suggesting date objects with overloaded operators, which were added in
  109 version 5.0.
  111 Many thanks to Tobias Brox <tobiasb@odin.funcom.com> again for the idea
  112 of supplying one set of comparison operators which compare only the date
  113 part, and another set of operators which compare date and time (or fall
  114 back to comparing only the date if both operands lack the time part).
  116 Many thanks to Jens Coldewey <jens_coldewey@acm.org>, Michael Niebler
  117 <mniebler@generali.de> and Charles Lane <lane@duphy4.physics.drexel.edu>
  118 for notifying me about the missing "#include <stdio.h>" statement in
  119 DateCalc.c.
  121 Also many thanks to Frank Dabelstein <frankd@imf.au.dk> for his patch for
  122 adding Danish.
  124 Thanks also go to Steve Tolkin <steve.tolkin@fmr.com> for suggesting that
  125 I should emphasize in the README.txt file that the reading of the INSTALL.txt
  126 file is important, especially if running Perl under Windows. :-)
  128 Many thanks to Martin Vorlaender <martin@radiogaga.harz.de> for notifying
  129 me about the problem with the linker on VMS with identifiers longer than
  130 30 characters, and to Charles Lane <lane@duphy4.physics.drexel.edu> for
  131 sending me a patch!
  133 Many thanks to Jarkko Hietaniemi <jhi@iki.fi> for providing me with the
  134 necessary information to add Finnish (suomi).
  136 Many thanks to Graham Barr <gbarr@pobox.com> for his many good suggestions
  137 regarding how to generalize my original, very limited module (based on
  138 Carp.pm) which skips all packages belonging to the "Date::*" hierarchy
  139 (in order to generate an error message from the perspective of the caller),
  140 into a module that can be given a pattern (i.e., a regular expression) of
  141 package names to be skipped. Also many thanks for his suggestions of a
  142 name for this module and for lots of great code he sent!
  144 Also many many thanks to the innumerable contributors of the lists of
  145 American states and abbreviations and many countries' national holidays:
  147 List of U.S. American states and abbreviations courtesy of:
  149     Jack Applin <neutron@fc.hp.com>
  150     Troy Arnold <fryman@sonic.net>
  151     Larry Rosler <lr@hpl.hp.com>
  152     Mark-Jason Dominus <mjd@plover.com>
  153     Charles Ford <cford@eudoramail.com>
  155 URLs concerning U.S. American states and abbreviations
  156 thereof sent by:
  158     Edward Cerruti <ecerruti@teknowledge.com>
  159     Mark Badolato <mbadolato@cybernox.com>
  161 List of Canadian states and abbreviations courtesy of:
  163     Larry Rosler <lr@hpl.hp.com>
  164     Geoff Baskwill <glb@nortel.ca>
  166 List of U.S. American holidays courtesy of:
  168     David Cassell <cassell@mercury.cor.epa.gov>
  169     Larry Rosler <lr@hpl.hp.com>
  170     Anthony Argyriou <anthony@alphageo.com>
  172 List of Canadian holidays courtesy of:
  174     M Lyons <lyonsm@bob.globalmediacorp.com>
  176 List of Norwegian holidays courtesy of:
  178     Gisle Aas <gisle@aas.no>
  180 (From his module "No::Dato" on CPAN)
  182 List of Swedish holidays courtesy of:
  184     Erland Sommarskog <sommar@algonet.se>
  186 List of British holidays courtesy of:
  188     Jonathan Stowe <gellyfish@gellyfish.com>
  190 Lists, hints, suggestions and URLs concerning different countries'
  191 holidays were sent to me by:
  193     Jihad Battikha <jbattikha@highsynth.com> <jihad.battikha@sharewire.com>
  194     Tim Rueger <rueger@io.com>
  195     Mark-Jason Dominus <mjd@plover.com>
  196     Abe Timmerman <abe@ztreet.demon.nl>
  197     Troy Arnold <fryman@sonic.net>
  198     Mattias Engdegĺrd <f91-men@nada.kth.se>
  199     Lincoln Yeoh <lyeoh@pop.jaring.my>
  200     Bart Lateur <bart.lateur@skynet.be>
  201     David Chapman <david@dapc.globalnet.co.uk>
  202     Russ Allbery <rra@stanford.edu>
  203     Ben Coleman <oloryn@mindspring.com>
  204     Wolfgang Franzki <franzki@sdm.de>
  205     Rainer Gratias <rainer.gratias@sdm.de>
  207 Thanks to Nelson Ferrari <nferrari@ccsc.com> for suggesting an alternative
  208 "Calendar()" function which starts on Sunday instead of Monday.
  210 Many thanks again to Martin Vorlaender <martin@radiogaga.harz.de> for
  211 testing my modifications in order to satisfy the VMS linker (which was
  212 complaining about identifiers which were longer than 30 characters) and
  213 for his confirmation that now everything works (not counting some
  214 innocuous warnings from xsubpp)!
  216 Thanks a lot to Ramiro Morales <morales@siscard.com.ar> for correcting
  217 my errors in Spanish (and for sending a patch)!
  219 And last but not least, many very special thanks for his tremendous
  220 work to J. David Eisenberg <david@catcode.com> for writing a plain
  221 Perl version of Date::Calc 4.3, available from his home page at
  222 http://catcode.com/date/pcalc.html! (And also from my web site at
  223 http://www.engelschall.com/u/sb/download/ and my CPAN directory at
  224 http://www.perl.com/CPAN/authors/id/S/ST/STBEY/.)
  226 Many extra thanks to Bianca Taylor <bianca@unisolve.com.au> for exploring
  227 the mysteries of (and phoning up a lot of astounded state officials!) the
  228 australian holidays for me, as well as for sending me a list with the
  229 holidays of New Zealand; and many thanks also to her friend John Bolland
  230 <jbolland@mainzeal.co.nz> for compiling this list for New Zealand in the
  231 first place!
  233 Many thanks to ??? ??? <digitaproc@netscape.net> for sending me excellent
  234 feedback and suggestions. He for instance suggested the possibility to
  235 have individual formatting for different date objects, and the ability
  236 to import/export Unix "time" values.
  238 Many special thanks (k) to my girlfriend Ana Maria Lopes Monteiro
  239 <anamaria_l@hotmail.com> for investigating the brazilian holidays
  240 and commemorative days for me!
  242 Very special thanks to the following people for helping in compiling
  243 and verifying the calendar profiles in Date::Calendar::Profiles:
  245 Abe Timmerman <abe@ztreet.demon.nl>
  246 Abigail <abigail@foad.org>
  247 Aldo Calpini <dada@perl.it>
  248 Andie Posey <andie@posey.org>
  249 Arnaud Calvo <arnaud@calvo-france.com>
  250 Arturo Valdes <arturovaldes@usa.net>
  251 Bart Lateur <bart.lateur@skynet.be>
  252 Brian Graham <brian.graham@nec.com.au>
  253 Bruno Tavares <bat@ip.pt> <bat@dustpuppy.ip.pt>
  254 Cas Tuyn <Cas.Tuyn@asml.nl>
  255 Cedric Bouvier <Cedric.Bouvier@ctp.com>
  256 David Landgren <dlandgre@bpinet.com>
  257 Dietmar Rietsch <d.rietsch@prokom.com>
  258 Don Simonetta <don.simonetta@tequinox.com>
  259 Elizabeth Mattijsen <liz@dijkmat.nl>
  260 Erland Sommarskog <sommar@algonet.se>
  261 Flemming Mahler Larsen <mahler@dk.net>
  262 Francois Desarmenien <francois@fdesar.net>
  263 Gordon Fletcher <G.Fletcher@mailbox.gu.edu.au>
  264 H. Merijn Brand <h.m.brand@xs4all.nl>
  265 Hendrik Van Belleghem <beatnik@quickndirty.org>
  266 Herbert Liechti <herbert.liechti@thinx.ch>
  267 Jean Forget <ponder.stibbons@wanadoo.fr>
  268 Jigal van Hemert <jigal.van.hemert@iquip.nl>
  269 Johan Vromans <jvromans@squirrel.nl>
  270 Julien Quint <julien.quint@imag.fr>
  271 Lars Ole <ma-karl2@online.no>
  272 Magnus Bodin <magnus@bodin.org>
  273 Marco Hunn <m_hunn@blue-design.ch>
  274 Mark Keehn <mark.keehn@bigpond.com.au>
  275 Michele Beltrame <mb@io.com>
  276 Pat Waters <pat.waters@dir.qld.gov.au>
  277 Paul Fenwick <pjf@cpan.org> <pjf@mukc.org.au>
  278 Peter G. Martin <pmartin1@bigpond.net.au> <peterm@zeta.org.au>
  279 Remco B. Brink <remco@solbors.no>
  280 Robert McArthur <mcarthur@dstc.edu.au>
  281 Stefaan Colson <stefaan.colson@sitel.com>
  282 Stephane Rondal <rondal@usa.net>
  283 Wim Verhaegen <wim.verhaegen@esat.kuleuven.ac.be>
  284 Jabu Virginia Duma, Giant's Castle Lodge, Drakensberg,
  285 3310 Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
  286 Dirk Swart <dirk@clickshare.com> <dirk@tristar.co.za>
  287 Hilda de Jager <Hildadj@gcis.pwv.gov.za>
  288 Hennie Meyer <Henniem@dbs1.pwv.gov.za>
  289 Pe. Amancio <catedral@lkn.com.br>
  290 Inez Hiltrop <inez@hiltrop.de>
  291 Stephen Riehm <Stephen.Riehm@gmx.net>
  292 Graham Crookham <graham.crookham2@sbs.siemens.co.uk>
  293 Philip Newton <pne@writeme.com>
  295 Many thanks to Sunny Paris <sun@weborama.fr> for correcting the french
  296 date format in function "Date_to_Text_Long()"!
  298 Many grateful thanks to Nathaniel Irons <ndi@bumppo.net> for reporting a
  299 problem and for testing a possible solution on his machine regarding the
  300 inclusion of the file "patchlevel.h"!
  302 Many thanks to Daniel Crown <daniel@mailgratis.com.ar> for providing me
  303 with a list of argentinian holidays!
  305 Many thanks to Morten Sickel <Morten.Sickel@nrpa.no> for reporting why
  306 Excel (erroneously) regards 1900 as a leap year, and why therefore one
  307 should use 31-Dec-1899 as the epoch for converting Excel date values.
  309 Many thanks to Georg Mavridis <GM@mavridis.net> for providing me with
  310 the list of greek holidays.
  312 Many thanks also to Guenther Degenfelder <guenther.degenfelder@datev.de>
  313 for showing me his "Karl" calendar display program, which inspired me
  314 to write the example script "anniversaries.pl" (in the "examples"
  315 subdirectory of this distribution).
  317 Many special thanks to Thomas Wegner <toms_email@gmx.de> for
  318 porting version 5.0 of this module to MacOS and MacPerl. His
  319 port (plus some additions - see below) is now version 5.1.
  321 Thanks to Ken Clarke <perlprogrammer@shaw.ca> for his addition to
  322 the documentation concerning the function "Monday_of_Week()".
  324 Many thanks to Nora Elia Castillo <nec@leia.sunmexico.Sun.COM> for
  325 sending me the list of holidays for Mexico!
  327 Thanks to dLux (Balázs Tibor Szabó) <dlux@dlux.hu> for his much
  328 simpler formula in recipe #4 in the "Date::Calc" documentation.
  330 Thanks to Daniel Berger <djberge@qwest.com> for suggesting a
  331 normalization method for delta vectors in Date::Calc::Object,
  332 which has been added in version 5.1.
  334 Thanks to Danny Rathjens <dkr@rathjens.org> for suggesting the
  335 improvement in the documentation of Date::Calc concerning the
  336 paragraph which says that ALL ranges start with 1 - except,
  337 of course, hours, minutes and seconds.
  339 Many thanks to Dr. John Stockton <jrs@merlyn.demon.co.uk> for notifying
  340 me about some spelling, naming and historical errors in the documentation
  341 of Date::Calc, which have been corrected in version 5.1.
  343 Many thanks to Slawomir Szmyd <slawek@msstudio.com.pl> for sending me
  344 the patch to add Polish and the profile of polish holidays.
  346 Many thanks to Robert Kovacs <robi@datanet.hu> for sending me the
  347 patch for adding Hungarian.
  349 Many thanks to Simon Perreault <nomis80@linuxquebec.com> for sending
  350 me corrections for the Quebec/Canada profile in Date::Calendar.
  352 Thanks to Sercan Uslu <sercanuslu@su.sabanciuniv.edu> for sending me
  353 the dates of the turkish holidays in 2002.
  355 Thanks to Ivor Blockley <ufo555@iinet.net.au> for asking for a way to
  356 compare dates which have a time part, and how to test whether two such
  357 dates are more or less than a given time interval apart - the solution
  358 to this problem is now recipe #3 in the Date::Calc documentation.
  360 Many thanks to Ian Zapczynski <ianz@quarterleaf.com> and to Felix
  361 Geerinckx <felix_geerinckx@hotmail.com> for notifying me about a bug
  362 in the method "add_delta_workdays()" (Date::Calendar), which sometimes
  363 causes an incorrect result when adding a negative number of workdays.
  365 The bug hasn't been fixed yet, but there is a workaround which seems
  366 to remedy the problem: First add one workday to the date in question,
  367 and then subtract one workday more than initially.
  369 Many thanks to Mike Swieton <swietonm@student.gvsu.edu> (and many other
  370 people in the past) for sending in a patch so that ToolBox.h will compile
  371 with C++ compilers.
  373 Thanks to Joe Rice <riceja@water-melon.net> and Sridhar Gopal
  374 <sridhar.gopal@bankofamerica.com> for pointing out that the formula
  375 for Labor Day in the U.S. apparently was wrong; it returned
  376 September 8th in 2003 but Labor Day in that year actually was on
  377 September 1st. It should obviously be "1/Mon/Sep" instead.
  379 Many thanks to M.S. Tawfik <mstawfik@optonline.net> for finding a
  380 bug in the "init()" method of Date::Calendar::Year when the year
  381 starts with a Sunday (such as in 1995) and for sending a patch!
  383 Thanks to George Cooke <quatto@hotmail.com> for raising the question
  384 of how to "normalize" the results of the "Delta_YMD()" function to
  385 show only positive values, the answer to which has been included as
  386 a "recipe" in the documentation of Date::Calc.
  388 Thanks to Joachim Ansorg <joachim@ansorgs.de> for sending me the
  389 necessary information to add Romanian to the list of languages
  390 supported by Date::Calc.
  392 Many thanks to Peter Prymmer <PPrymmer@factset.com> for suggesting
  393 a work-around for the problems that can arise when a locale other
  394 than "C" is used!
  396 Thanks to Olle E. Johansson <oej@edvina.net> for sending corrections
  397 for the Swedish calendar profile.
  399 Thanks to Harold van Oostrom <perl@lanceerplaats.nl> for sending in a
  400 fix for the Polish language in Date::Calc. Also many thanks for his patch
  401 to make Date::Calc ready for UTF-8, which unfortunately I haven't had
  402 the time yet to evaluate.
  404 Many thanks also to Sven Geisler <sgeisler@aeccom.com> for sending me
  405 corrections for the profile and official references for ALL federal
  406 states of Australia.
  408 Many thanks to Tony Mountifield <tony@mountifield.org> for sending
  409 in a patch to enable Date::Calc to handle negative values of time_t,
  410 for dates before the Epoch. I decided not to include it at this time
  411 first because the system functions such as localtime, gmtime and
  412 mktime are considered legacy functions due to their rather restricted
  413 range (Date::Calc's own functions operate on a much broader range),
  414 and second because it cost so much effort to make these functions
  415 work in Date::Calc under Unix and Windows as well as under MacOS
  416 (Classic), that the risk of breaking things is just too high, not
  417 to mention the time and effort needed to get it right again, which
  418 I can't spend at the moment, unfortunately. So please use Date::Calc's
  419 own functions instead, which cover the intended range of dates anyway.
  421 Thanks a lot to Can Bican <can@ripe.net>, Ziya Suzen <ziya@ripe.net>,
  422 Henk Uijterwaal <henk@ripe.net> and the Amsterdam Perl Mongers for
  423 providing me with more detailed information concerning the
  424 "Bevrijdingsdag" (5th of May) in the Netherlands.
  426 Many thanks to Vetle Roeim <vetler@opera.com> for sending some more
  427 commemorative days (some companies give half a day off) for the
  428 Norwegian profile.
  430 Thanks a lot to Jesse Vincent <jesse@bestpractical.com> and to
  431 Alistair Francis <alistair.francis@lokku.com> for reporting the
  432 ongoing problem with the boolean type in MacOS X and to Tatsuhiko
  433 Miyagawa (?) and Alistair Francis for providing patches.
  435 Thanks to Thanos Chatziathanassiou <tchatzi@arx.gr> along with
  436 Barret Clark and Qiang (?) for suggesting some changes to the
  437 documentation. Sorry for not including the changes concerning
  438 the Orthodox and Julian calendars since these are outside of
  439 the scope of this module.
  441 Thanks to Anthony DeRobertis <anthony@derobert.net> and Jonathan
  442 Yu <frequency@cpan.org> for alerting me about the problem that in
  443 Date::Calendar and Date::Calendar::Year, it is hardcoded that
  444 Saturday and Sunday are holidays, and for asking to make this
  445 configurable.
  447 Many thanks to H. Merijn Brand <h.m.brand@xs4all.nl> for triggering
  448 the development of a new normalized date difference function.
  450 Many thanks to Marek Snowarski <Marek.Snowarski@grzyby.pl> for
  451 raising my attention to the fact that the Polish names for the
  452 months and days of week were written wrongly.
  454 Many thanks to Piotr Wierzejewski <nlexposure@gmail.com> for
  455 providing me with the correct spelling of the Polish names
  456 for the months and days of week in Unicode.
  458 Many thanks to H.Merijn Brand <h.m.brand@xs4all.nl> for
  459 discussing the various issues and advantages/disadvantages
  460 of integrating versus splitting the C/XS-part and the pure-Perl
  461 part of this distribution with me!
  463 Many thanks to Anthony Mirante <tony@technicon.com> for reporting that
  464 there can be a difference in the output of "Date::Calc::PP::Mktime()",
  465 "Date::Calc::XS::Mktime()" and "POSIX::mktime()", and for running a
  466 test script for me!
  468 Thanks to Florian Schlichting <fsfs@debian.org> - he fixed some typos
  469 in several POD files (https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=94687).
  471 Thanks to Slaven Rezic and several other people who notified me about
  472 the failing test suite concerning the moving window function in the
  473 Decode_Date_X() functions (https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=101232).
  475 Thanks to Michael B. Rash <michael.rash@gmail.com> for the suggested fix
  476 for the eternal problem with the definition of a "boolean" type in ToolBox.h
  477 (https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=102157).
  479 Thanks a lot to Slaven Rezic for notifying me about the new warnings with Perl 5.21.x:
  480 "Unescaped left brace in regex is deprecated" (https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=102266).