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QMQP-SINK(1)                                                      QMQP-SINK(1)

       qmqp-sink - parallelized QMQP test server

       qmqp-sink [-46cv] [-x time] [inet:][host]:port backlog

       qmqp-sink [-46cv] [-x time] unix:pathname backlog

       qmqp-sink listens on the named host (or address) and port.  It receives
       messages from the network and throws them away.  The purpose is to mea-
       sure QMQP client performance, not protocol compliance.  Connections can
       be accepted on IPv4 or IPv6 endpoints, or on UNIX-domain sockets.  IPv4
       and  IPv6  are  the  default.   This  program  is the complement of the
       qmqp-source(1) program.

       Note: this is an unsupported test program. No attempt is made to  main-
       tain compatibility between successive versions.


       -4     Support  IPv4  only.  This  option has no effect when Postfix is
              built without IPv6 support.

       -6     Support IPv6 only. This option is not available when Postfix  is
              built without IPv6 support.

       -c     Display a running counter that is updated whenever a delivery is

       -v     Increase verbosity. Specify -v -v to see some of the  QMQP  con-

       -x time
              Terminate  after time seconds. This is to facilitate memory leak

       qmqp-source(1), QMQP message generator

       The Secure Mailer license must be distributed with this software.

       Wietse Venema
       IBM T.J. Watson Research
       P.O. Box 704
       Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, USA

       Wietse Venema
       Google, Inc.
       111 8th Avenue
       New York, NY 10011, USA