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    3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    7 The Postfix memcache client allows you to hook up Postfix to a memcache server.
    8 The current implementation supports one memcache server per Postfix table, with
    9 one optional Postfix database that provides persistent backup. The Postfix
   10 memcache client supports the lookup, update, delete and sequence operations.
   11 The sequence (i.e. first/next) operation requires a backup database that
   12 supports this operation.
   14 Typically, the Postfix memcache client is used to reduce query load on a
   15 persistent database, but it may also be used to query a memory-only database
   16 for low-value, easy-to-recreate, information such as a reputation cache for
   17 postscreen(8), verify(8) or greylisting.
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   21   * The Postfix memcache client cannot be used for security-sensitive tables
   22     such as alias_maps (these may contain "|command" and "/file/name"
   23     destinations), or virtual_uid_maps, virtual_gid_maps and
   24     virtual_mailbox_maps (these specify UNIX process privileges or "/file/name"
   25     destinations). Typically, a memcache database is writable by any process
   26     that can talk to the memcache server; in contrast, security-sensitive
   27     tables must never be writable by the unprivileged Postfix user.
   29   * The Postfix memcache client requires additional configuration when used as
   30     postscreen(8) or verify(8) cache. For details see the backup and ttl
   31     parameter discussions in the memcache_table(5) manual page.
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   35 The Postfix memcache client has no external dependencies, and is therefore
   36 built into Postfix by default.
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   40 Configuration is described in the memcache_table(5) manpage.
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   44 The first memcache client for Postfix was written by Omar Kilani, and was based
   45 on the libmemcache library.
   47 Wietse wrote the current memcache client from the ground up for Postfix version
   48 2.9. This implementation does not use libmemcache, and bears no resemblance to
   49 earlier work.