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    1 For Debian the best thing to do is to do "apt-get install postal", if you don't
    2 want to use the version supplied with your version of Debian you can build a
    3 Debian package in the usual manner.
    4 Change to the directory containing the unpacked source and use the command:
    5 dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -tc -us
    6 That will create a .deb in the parent directory.
    8 For Red Hat etc there is a portslave.spec file to allow for building with
    9 the "rpm -b" command.
   11 For Solaris use the command "make -C sun" to build a package in /var/spool/pkg
   12 (make sure you have write access to that directory).
   14 For other Unix setup "./configure ; make install" should do an install.