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Getting help with Pony

Looking for help with Pony? Awesome. We are here to help. Before you open an issue against this repo, we ask you read the following to better direct you to the proper forum.

Should I open an issue?

We ask you to refrain from opening GitHub issues for non-actionable items. We use GitHub issues to track bugs and other problems that can be resolved. If you are not sure how to code a particular problem, how to decipher an error message, wondering about a benchmark, or anything of that sort, please use reach out via our Zulip community.

How to get help

If you are looking for an answer “right now,” we suggest you give our Zulip community a try. Whatever your question is, it isn’t dumb, and we won’t get annoyed.

Many folks encounter the same issues or have the same questions, be sure to give the frequently asked questions section of this website a read.

Think you’ve found a bug? It’s entirely possible. Pony is a relatively young language that is still changing at a rapid pace and bugs do happen. Your best bet. Write to the mailing list with your issue and verify that you are experiencing an issue; once a more knowledgeable member of the community confirms you are experiencing a bug, open an issue.

The Pony community while small is helpful and inviting. We think you’ll find interacting with us to be an enjoyable experience. You can get a lot more community-related resources in the community section of this site.