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PMD Documentation

The documentation is available at: https://pmd.github.io/pmd/

The documentation for the latest release is at: https://pmd.github.io/latest/

Site Theme

This site was built using the tomjohnson1492/documentation-theme-jekyll theme

A Jekyll-based theme designed for documentation and help systems. See the link for detailed instructions on setting up and configuring everything. http://idratherbewriting.com/documentation-theme-jekyll/

Building using Script

bash build-docs.sh

This will run bundler to fetch and potentially update the ruby gems. And then it will execute jekyll and build a offline site. Open the file _site/index.html with your browser to see the site.

Building using Bundler

bundle install # once
bundle exec jekyll serve

Go to: http://localhost:4005/

This variant is useful to get constant updates: When you modify a file, jekyll will automatically rebuild the site, so you just need to hit Refresh in the browser to see the update.

Building using Docker

docker build --no-cache -t pmd-doc . # once
docker run --rm=true -v "$PWD:/src" -p 4005:4005 pmd-doc serve -H

Go to: http://localhost:4005/