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How to build PMD

PMD uses Maven and requires at least Java 11 for building. You can get Java 11 from Oracle or from AdoptOpenJdk.

PMD uses the maven wrapper, so you can simply build PMD as following:

This will create the zip files in the directory pmd-dist/target:

cd pmd-dist/target
ls *.zip

That’s all !

Note: While Java 11 is required for building, running PMD only requires Java 7 (or Java 8 for Apex, JavaScript, Scala, Visualforce, and the Designer).

Note: With PMD 6.24.0, we are creating Reproducible Builds. Since we use Maven for building, the following limitations apply:

How to build the documentation?

cd docs
bundle install # once
bundle exec jekyll build

You’ll find the built site in the directory _site/.

For more info, see README in docs directory.