PlantUML is an open-source component used to draw UML diagrams from their textual description.


This documentation will not describe the PlantUML language description. Please refer to PlantUML site for that.

Here, some information about how PlantUML is implemented will be provided to help the integration of PlantUML with other programs.

Unfortunately, here, we have to raise a warning:
While PlantUML language description remains stable over version and follow ascending compatibility, the implementation of PlantUML changes very often over time.

So if you use classes described in this documentation, it's very likely that you will have an issue someday, because those class may change without any notice. They could even be deleted.

It used to happen more often than you think over years, because we try to constantly improve the general design of PlantUML, and this imply a continuous refactoring.

The only exception is the net.sourceforge.plantuml package, that we will keep as stable as possible over time.