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    3                                  PIKT FAQ
    7 * What is PIKT?
    9 --An acronym:  Problem Informant/Killer Tool.
   10 --An innovative new paradigm for global-view, site-at-a-time system and
   11   network administration.
   12 --System monitoring software that both reports and, wherever possible,
   13   fixes problems.
   14 --Configuration management software that saves time and eliminates repetition.
   15 --A cross-categorical, multi-purpose toolkit with unparalleled versatility
   16   and extensibility.
   17 --An innovative scripting language with unique, labor saving features.
   18 --A sophisticated, feature-rich macro preprocessor and customizing file
   19   installer.
   20 --A cross-platform, centrally directed process scheduler.
   21 --A set of powerful command-line extensions for local and remote command
   22   execution.
   23 --Available for Linux and many other flavors of Unix, including AIX, Digital
   24   UNIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, IRIX, OpenBSD, Solaris, and others.  PIKT is Open
   25   Source software distributed under the GNU GPL.
   27 * What is PIKT not?
   29 --A GUI-enhanced system.  This is in the works, but as an option only.
   30 --An all-purpose programming language.  PIKT is tailored to systems
   31   administration, designed to work hand-in-hand with other languages,
   32   not to replace them.
   33 --Available for Mac OS X and other Unix variants.  (Not yet anyway.)
   34   Nor is it available for Windows.  (Perhaps some day.)
   35 --The last word in system monitoring software.  (But maybe it's farther
   36   back in the dictionary.)
   38 * Why the name "PIKT"?
   40 PIKT is like a military picket, "a group of soldiers or a single soldier
   41 stationed, usually at an outpost, to guard a body of troops from surprise
   42 attack" (Webster's New World College Dictionary).  A pickets' primary
   43 mission is to warn of the enemy's advance, but to fight if necessary.
   44 Similarly, PIKT's primary task is to warn of problems, but to fix those
   45 problems when needed. 
   47 * How do you pronounce "PIKT"?
   49 "PIKT" rhymes with "ticket".
   51 * Who uses PIKT?
   53 Judging by "repeat customers" (sites downloading different versions of PIKT
   54 more than once), PIKT has been used at thousands of sites worldwide,
   55 including the national space agencies of at least two different countries;
   56 some international science research institutes; a few major European and
   57 American financial institutions; quite a few Fortune 500 companies
   58 (electronics, autos, energy, aerospace, defense, and others); a number of
   59 European and American telecommunications companies; several well-known
   60 computing firms and/or their research labs in America, Europe, and Asia;
   61 at least one major American media company; numerous government agencies,
   62 both here and abroad; and lots of universities from all over the world,
   63 including many computer science departments.  (Note: We will not reveal
   64 specific names, because for security reasons it would be irresponsible for
   65 us to do so.)
   67 * What is your "hit" count?
   69 Since PIKT's initial release in 1998, in the past nine years 150,000+
   70 different network addresses have hit the PIKT website two million or more
   71 times.  (Since limited graphics images were only added to the pikt.org
   72 website in early 2004, most of that hit figure represents a true page count.)
   73 Well over 100,000 of those hits were software downloads.  Including repeat
   74 visits, the total visitor count numbers well into the hundreds of thousands.
   75 (The PIKT website has moved several times over the past nine years, and
   76 there are gaps in our logs, hence the imprecision in these figures.)
   77 PIKT is available for independent download at a number of other websites
   78 around the world, including at popular Open Source and Linux software
   79 repositories.  We of course have no way to monitor download traffic
   80 elsewhere.  But it's safe to say that the figures quoted above are
   81 significant underestimates of PIKT's true hit, visitor, and download counts.
   83 * How can we contribute?
   85 To contribute new program code or other, longer material for this web site,
   86 please contact us using the means described below.
   88 * What's still to be done?
   90 View the current PIKT TODO List.  There's much still to be done.
   92 * How can we contact you?
   94 --For info, write:  pikt-info@pikt.org
   95 --For help, write:  pikt-help@pikt.org
   96 --For bug reports, write:  pikt-bugs@pikt.org
   97 --For other correspondence, write the PIKT Maintainer: berto@pikt.org
   98 --If necessary, send surface mail to:
   99   PIKT
  100   c/o Robert Osterlund
  101   1133 S. Grove Avenue
  102   Oak Park, Illinois 60304-1908
  103   USA