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    2 README.passwords, password functionality in phpList
    4 This relates to passwords for users and not passwords for administrators.
    6 This file refers to new functionality in PHPlist 2.4.1. You can now have your users
    7 set up a password for themselves instead of using the "Unique String" functionality
    8 that has been used in previous versions.
   10 If you activate this functionality, the "Preferences page" will have an extra input 
   11 field for password and the password can be edited by the user. This will provide more 
   12 security for the personal details of a user, because the password will never be sent 
   13 in an email, and needs to be remembered by the user. 
   15 In order to allow transition from the old system to the new, PHPlist will allow a user
   16 to access their personal details page without a password, but with the unique string,
   17 if the password has not yet been set. As soon as a value exists for the password, the
   18 system will require logging in, in order to access the details page. The unique string
   19 will still be required.
   21 If you use encrypt password, the password will be stored with  MD5 encryption in the
   22 database. However this encryption is one-way, so the system will not be able to send
   23 the password to the user. In that case the "Forgot Password" element will become
   24 a link to email the administrator of your PHPlist installation. You can then update
   25 the password for the user manually (you will have to enter a new password) and send 
   26 the password to the user. If you store the password in plain text the "Forgot Password"
   27 functionality can be automatic.