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    2 # handling bounces with phpList
    4 # requirements:
    5 	PHP version 4.0.5 and up
    6   for PHP 4.2.3 and up, it will not work in safe mode
    7   IMAP support in your PHP (see http://www.php.net/manual/en/ref.imap.php)
    9 How to make sure you can process bounces in phpList:
   11 Make sure the $message_envelope is a reference to a valid mailbox that you can access with
   12 the POP3 protocol (currently only POP3, other methods will follow)
   14 All messages will now be sent with this email address as the envelope, which means that in
   15 most cases they will bounce to this address.
   17 In the config file, configure the following to be valid to access the mailbox
   18 $bounce_mailbox_host = 'localhost';
   19 $bounce_mailbox_user = 'login';
   20 $bounce_mailbox_password = 'password';
   22 In the admin pages, you can now load the bounces in the phpList database. Some bounces are not
   23 always really bounces, but they can be "Message delayed" or "Out of Office" messages. Therefore
   24 phpList will not immediately unsubscribe a user when a message has bounces, but it will determine
   25 a threshold of messages which will identify a bounce.
   27 You set the threshold with the variable
   29 $bounce_unsubscribe_threshold = 3;
   31 This variable will be used to returns of normal messages. If "systemmessages" return, a user will
   32 be unsubscribed immediately. Unsubscribed means that their email will be marked unconfirmed, which
   33 will cause the system to stop sending emails to this user.
   35 In the future it will become possible to "probe" the unconfirmed emails with a renewed request for
   36 confirmation, which will be dealt with seperately, most likely by simply deleting the user.
   38 If a message to a user bounces, the threshold will be used to determine the previous number of
   39 message that have bounced. A user will only be marked unconfirmed once a row of consecutive messages
   40 as many as your threshold have occurred.
   42 If you run in TEST mode, the emails in the bounce system will not be deleted from the mailbox. If you
   43 have set TEST to 0, it will delete the emails it has dealt with, according to the settings
   45 $bounce_mailbox_purge = 1;
   46 and
   47 $bounce_mailbox_purge_unprocessed = 1;
   49 $bounce_mailbox_purge can be 1 or 0, and 1 means that messages that have been processed and identified
   50 will be delete from the mailbox. $bounce_mailbox_purge_unprocessed can be 1 or 0 as well, and
   51 1 means that also unprocessed messages, which are messages that could not be matched with a user in
   52 the system, will be deleted. This is fairly safe, because you can still look at the messages
   53 in phpList.