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    2 phpList, wishlist and future plans, not in order of priority
    3 these issues are "general outline", details handled in mantis
    5 make reconcile page have plugin capacity and move loads of stuff to plugins
    6 finish RSS manager plugin
    7 translate system messages: https://mantis.phplist.com/view.php?id=16594
    8 re-request confirmation via campaign -> "invite mode"
   10 add system to manage versioning of translation of "info" and "help"
   11 -> dokuwiki
   13 move frontend translations into translation system
   15 downloadable templates and plugins
   16 template "Gallery" and sharing
   17 reorganise code particularly the "libraries"
   19 12. subscriber management
   20 https://mantis.phplist.com/view.php?id=12801 and related
   22 plugin dependencies: Plugin A requires Plugin B (+version) so installing A also installs B
   24 - auto responder 
   25 - Invitation mode, send to unconfirmed subscribers, but require [CONFIRMATIONURL] placeholder
   26 - upload of Zip with All html and assets for a campaign/template
   27 - multiple placeholders (more advanced templates)
   28 - speed - allow sending with multiple processes/servers
   29 - memcached
   31 - calculate subscriber engagement value, based on opens, optin, clicks, bounces etc
   32 - make attributes classes that can be added with plugins
   33 - Optimize database structure to really deal with large amounts of emails.
   34 - List Archive entry
   35   A searchable archive of the lists, to use via the web
   36 - Allowing running processes to be viewed and killed
   37 - guide the composition process more, and block actions on time, to avoid rushing out a newsletter too quickly and making mistakes.
   38 - "preview" of messages to send, so you can check whether the layout is ok
   39 - make system multilingual and allow subscriber to choose language
   40 - placeholder parsing in subscribe, confirm and unsubscribe messages
   41 - system messages identifiable for bounces and process them
   42 DONE, NEEDS FEEDBACK direct delivery of subscription message to make sure it can arrive, and give error when it can't
   43 - move configurable stuff outside the webroot, to make upgrading easier
   44 - seperate message for signing up people from import
   45 - statistics retrieval (#lists #users #messages)
   46 - use DKIM capabilities of phpMailer
   47 - integration with other OSS projects
   48 - recode frontend to work like webbler templating
   49 - namespacing files
   50 - PDO
   51 - sharing of bounce rules
   52 - handle "delayed" messages better (ie drop them)
   54 - extend phpListPlugin class into several smaller ones that each handle certain aspects
   55 - class autoloader
   56 - language detection at the front, and redirection to the related pages