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    1 Web Content Manager
    2 -------------------
    4 Quick Install
    5 -------------
    6 Documentation can be found in different formats in the doc
    7 directory. Read the introduction to learn how sitemgr works and the
    8 section "Administrator manual" for installation instructions
   10 Overview
   11 --------
   12 This program will generate a dynamic web site with discrete sections
   13 that various phpGroupWare users may edit, if the administrator gives
   14 them permission to do so.  In effect, the generated website can have
   15 sections which independent departments are in charge of maintaining.
   16 The site administrator can choose a theme and create headers, footers,
   17 and sidebars to enforce a sitewide look and feel.  Site sections can
   18 be viewable public (viewable by anonymous users) or private (viewable
   19 by specified users and groups only).
   21 Background
   22 ----------
   23 Team 10 in the UC Irvine Systems Design Course, ICS 125, chose this as
   24 their project.  Seek3r served as the project's "customer" and the team
   25 wrote extensive requirements and design documents followed by the
   26 actual coding of the project.  The course is ten weeks long, but
   27 coding doesn't start until part-way through week 6, so version 1.0 of
   28 sitemgr was programmed in an intensive 3 weeks.
   30 Credits
   31 -------
   32 The original code:
   34 ICS 125 Team 10:
   36 Tina Alinaghian (tina -AT- checkyour6.net)
   37 Austin Lee (anhjah -AT- hotmail.com)
   38 Siu Leung (rurouni_master -AT- hotmail.com)
   39 Fang Ming Lo (flo -AT- uci.edu)
   40 Patrick Walsh (mr_e -AT- phpgroupware.org)
   42 Professor:
   43 Hadar Ziv (profziv -AT- aol.com)
   45 TA:
   46 Arijit Ghosh (arijitg -AT- uci.edu)
   48 Subsequent maintanence:
   50 Michael Totschnig (totschnig.michael -AT- uqam.ca) -- wrote
   51 	multilingual facets of sitemgr, and conceived the modularized
   52 	architecture
   53 Patrick Walsh (see above)