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    1 These are quick and simple instructions on how to install and use this app.  The more in depth
    2 ones will follow soon.
    4 First, use setup3 to create your tables.
    6 Next, you will need to create an anonymous account.  Do this by
    7 creating a normal user account with just permissions to the
    8 registration app.
   10 Create a group called 'users', this will be the default group that all
   11 users belong to.  So, you can give and take permissions to an entire
   12 group, instead of every single user.
   14 In main.php, there is a config section towards the top.
   15 	$domain         - Which domain to use out of the header.inc.php file, most will use default
   16 	$template_set   - Template set to use, this allows site to create there own layout
   18 Login as admin user, go to the Administration menu, click on the
   19 Site Configuration link for the registration application. Insert the
   20 anonymous user and password.
   22 You can customize what input the user is asked to enter by logging in as
   23 an admin user, and going to Administration->Registration->Manage Fields.
   24 You don't need any fields, but you will need an 'email' field if you wish
   25 to use the Lost Password functions.
   27 Make sure phpgwapi.send is properly configured, i.e. the database
   28 contains something like:
   30 INSERT INTO phpgw_config VALUES ('phpgwapi','smtp_server','localhost');
   31 INSERT INTO phpgw_config VALUES ('phpgwapi','smtp_port','25');
   33 The URI's you can use for linking:
   35 Registration: <a href="http://yoursite.com/registration/" target="_NEW">http://yoursite.com/registration/</a>
   36 Password Retrieval: <a href="http://yoursite.com/registration/main.php?menuaction=registration.boreg.lostpw1" target="_NEW">http://yoursite.com/registration/main.php?menuaction=registration.boreg.lostpw1</a>