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    2 This is the start of the CVS package for the CHORA module
    3 of Horde.
    5 CVSLib.php contains three classes at present:
    7 CVSLib is the main one, that spawns all the other
    8 classes.  It is a wrapper to any single CVS Repository, 
    9 and provides interface functions to perform various operations
   10 on it, such as checking out files, diffing revisions, and so
   11 on.
   13 CVSLib_Directory is spawned per directory, to encapsulate 
   14 viewing files and getting information from within it.
   15 It consists of a series of CVSLib_file objects, which can
   16 perform various operations such as retrieving revision
   17 information for that file and so on.
   19 CVSLib_Checkout is returned when checking out a given revision
   20 from the repository for display.  It encapsulates the full
   21 pathname, revision number, MIME type and a filestream pointer
   22 that can output the raw content of the file
   24 CVSLib_Error is returned when the CVSRep has problems
   25 performing an operation.  It exposes HTTP error codes
   26 and more verbose messages.
   28 Disclaimer:  The ideas in this document may not accurately
   29 be reflected in the code :-)
   31 --
   32 Anil Madhavapeddy, <anil@recoil.org>
   33 $Horde: chora/lib/README.CVSLib,v 1.8 2001/01/26 20:37:43 chuck Exp $