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    1 ----------
    2 v0.4-dev
    3 ----------
    5 [avsm] Overhaul CVSLib_Checkout interface to be in line with
    6        the rest of the CVSLib_* API (and much simpler)
    8 ----------
    9 v0.2-dev
   10 ----------
   12 [avsm] No longer depend on having Apache icons in /icons
   13 [avsm] Switch over diff logic to the new CVSLib_Diff API.
   14 [avsm] Start to comply with Horde standards,and add lib/Chora.php
   15 [avsm] Start the human-readable API change in CVSLib_Diff
   16 [cjh]  Capitalize classes according to standards.
   17 [avsm] CVS Annotate support, to view which authors modified
   18        which sections of a file.
   19 [avsm] Added queryModulePath() to CVSLib_file.
   21 ----------
   22 v0.1-dev
   23 ----------
   25 [avsm] Multiple repository support, in the form of cvsroots.php.
   26 [avsm] New config variable $conf['paths']['cvsusers'] to control
   27        the location of the cvsusers file if it isnt in CVSROOT.
   28 [avsm] Add support for parsing the cvsusers file if present.
   29 [avsm] Add a CHANGES and a GOALS file with the new version.