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    1 Q: Could you please add support for XYZGJGNDF?
    2 A: Sorry, I don't have the time to make this a full-featured project. 
    3    It only contains the features which I need (and which were supported
    4    by SpreadSheet:WriteExcel anyway). You are welcome to add features
    5    yourself though and send it to me for inclusion.
    7 Q: The files class.ole_pps_root.php and class.ole_pps_file.php are
    8    missing. Where can I get them?
    9 A: They are only required for big file (>7 MB) support and available
   10    as a seperate project at
   11    http://bettina-attack.de/jonny/view.php/projects/php_ole/
   13 Q: How can I create files bigger than 7 MB?
   14 A: Use class.writeexcel_workbookbig.inc.php instead of
   15    class.writeexcel_workbook.inc.php. You'll need the php_ole project
   16    available at
   17    http://bettina-attack.de/jonny/view.php/projects/php_ole/
   19 Q: Will you make the project PEAR compliant?
   20 A: Probably. But this means a lot of work and will require some time.
   22 Q: Is there a 'auto-column-width' function?
   23 A: AFAIK Excel doesn't store this information in the XLS files but
   24    calculates the auto-width at run-time, so this doesn't seem to be
   25    possible, sorry.
   27 Q: Is it possible to include Unicode strings in a worksheet?
   28 A: Sorry, this is not possible due to the restrictions of the Excel 5
   29    format which is still used.
   31 Q: Is it possible to include strings with a length of more than
   32    255 characters?
   33 A: No, sorry. Please see the TODO file.