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Member "phpMyAdmin-5.1.0-all-languages/themes/metro/scss/theme.scss" (24 Feb 2021, 497 Bytes) of package /linux/www/phpMyAdmin-5.1.0-all-languages.zip:

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    1 @import "font";
    2 @import "../../pmahomme/scss/direction";
    3 @import "variables";
    4 @import "../../bootstrap/scss/bootstrap";
    5 @import "common";
    6 @import "enum-editor";
    7 @import "gis";
    8 @import "navigation";
    9 @import "designer";
   10 @import "rte";
   11 @import "codemirror";
   12 @import "jqplot";
   13 @import "resizable-menu";
   14 @import "icons";
   15 @import "reboot";
   16 @import "tables";
   17 @import "forms";
   18 @import "nav";
   19 @import "navbar";
   20 @import "card";
   21 @import "breadcrumbs";
   22 @import "alert";
   23 @import "list-group";
   24 @import "modal";