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    1     ---------- Testing Jacobian -------------
    2     Run with -snes_test_jacobian_view and optionally -snes_test_jacobian <threshold> to show difference
    3       of hand-coded and finite difference Jacobian entries greater than <threshold>.
    4     Testing hand-coded Jacobian, if (for double precision runs) ||J - Jfd||_F/||J||_F is
    5       O(1.e-8), the hand-coded Jacobian is probably correct.
    6     ||J - Jfd||_F/||J||_F = 1.32937e-08, ||J - Jfd||_F = 9.15765e-07
    7     ---------- Testing Jacobian -------------
    8     ||J - Jfd||_F/||J||_F = 1.32606e-08, ||J - Jfd||_F = 9.13489e-07