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petsc-3.12.3 2020-01-03
Report Typos and Errors

Questions and Bug Reports

The PETSc maintenance e-mail, petsc-maint@mcs.anl.gov, is intended for users to

We respond to almost all email the same day and many within the hour. Please do not send maintenance requests to the individual PETSc authors; all e-mail to petsc-maint@mcs.anl.gov is automatically distributed to all of the PETSc authors, so our response time using this address will be fastest.

Before sending a bug report, please consult the FAQ to determine whether a fix or work-around to the problem already exists. Also, see the chapter Hints for Performance Tuning in the PETSc users manual for guidelines on achieving good efficiency within PETSc codes.

Guidelines for Bug Reports

The more information that you convey about a bug, the easier it will be for us to target the problem. We suggest providing the following information: