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PCRE - Perl-compatible regular expressions


#include <pcre.h>

int pcre_config(int what, void *where);

int pcre16_config(int what, void *where);

int pcre32_config(int what, void *where);


This function makes it possible for a client program to find out which optional features are available in the version of the PCRE library it is using. The arguments are as follows:

what A code specifying what information is required
Points to where to put the data

The where argument must point to an integer variable, except for PCRE_CONFIG_MATCH_LIMIT, PCRE_CONFIG_MATCH_LIMIT_RECURSION, and PCRE_CONFIG_PARENS_LIMIT, when it must point to an unsigned long integer, and for PCRE_CONFIG_JITTARGET, when it must point to a const char*. The available codes are:

PCRE_CONFIG_JIT Availability of just-in-time compiler
support (1=yes 0=no)
PCRE_CONFIG_JITTARGET String containing information about the
target architecture for the JIT compiler,
or NULL if there is no JIT support
PCRE_CONFIG_LINK_SIZE Internal link size: 2, 3, or 4
PCRE_CONFIG_PARENS_LIMIT Parentheses nesting limit
PCRE_CONFIG_MATCH_LIMIT Internal resource limit
Internal recursion depth limit
PCRE_CONFIG_NEWLINE Value of the default newline sequence:
13 (0x000d) for CR
10 (0x000a) for LF
3338 (0x0d0a) for CRLF
-2 for ANYCRLF
-1 for ANY
PCRE_CONFIG_BSR Indicates what \R matches by default:
0 all Unicode line endings
1 CR, LF, or CRLF only
Threshold of return slots, above which
is used by the POSIX API
PCRE_CONFIG_STACKRECURSE Recursion implementation (1=stack 0=heap)
PCRE_CONFIG_UTF16 Availability of UTF-16 support (1=yes
0=no); option for pcre16_config()
PCRE_CONFIG_UTF32 Availability of UTF-32 support (1=yes
0=no); option for pcre32_config()
PCRE_CONFIG_UTF8 Availability of UTF-8 support (1=yes 0=no);
option for pcre_config()
Availability of Unicode property support
(1=yes 0=no)

The function yields 0 on success or PCRE_ERROR_BADOPTION otherwise. That error is also given if PCRE_CONFIG_UTF16 or PCRE_CONFIG_UTF32 is passed to pcre_config(), if PCRE_CONFIG_UTF8 or PCRE_CONFIG_UTF32 is passed to pcre16_config(), or if PCRE_CONFIG_UTF8 or PCRE_CONFIG_UTF16 is passed to pcre32_config().

There is a complete description of the PCRE native API in the pcreapi page and a description of the POSIX API in the pcreposix page.