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    1 <html>
    2 <head>
    3 <title>pcre_fullinfo specification</title>
    4 </head>
    5 <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#00005A" link="#0066FF" alink="#3399FF" vlink="#2222BB">
    6 <h1>pcre_fullinfo man page</h1>
    7 <p>
    8 Return to the <a href="index.html">PCRE index page</a>.
    9 </p>
   10 <p>
   11 This page is part of the PCRE HTML documentation. It was generated automatically
   12 from the original man page. If there is any nonsense in it, please consult the
   13 man page, in case the conversion went wrong.
   14 <br>
   15 <br><b>
   17 </b><br>
   18 <P>
   19 <b>#include &#60;pcre.h&#62;</b>
   20 </P>
   21 <P>
   22 <b>int pcre_fullinfo(const pcre *<i>code</i>, const pcre_extra *<i>extra</i>,</b>
   23 <b>     int <i>what</i>, void *<i>where</i>);</b>
   24 <br>
   25 <br>
   26 <b>int pcre16_fullinfo(const pcre16 *<i>code</i>, const pcre16_extra *<i>extra</i>,</b>
   27 <b>     int <i>what</i>, void *<i>where</i>);</b>
   28 <br>
   29 <br>
   30 <b>int pcre32_fullinfo(const pcre32 *<i>code</i>, const pcre32_extra *<i>extra</i>,</b>
   31 <b>     int <i>what</i>, void *<i>where</i>);</b>
   32 </P>
   33 <br><b>
   35 </b><br>
   36 <P>
   37 This function returns information about a compiled pattern. Its arguments are:
   38 <pre>
   39   <i>code</i>                      Compiled regular expression
   40   <i>extra</i>                     Result of <b>pcre[16|32]_study()</b> or NULL
   41   <i>what</i>                      What information is required
   42   <i>where</i>                     Where to put the information
   43 </pre>
   44 The following information is available:
   45 <pre>
   46   PCRE_INFO_BACKREFMAX      Number of highest back reference
   47   PCRE_INFO_CAPTURECOUNT    Number of capturing subpatterns
   48   PCRE_INFO_DEFAULT_TABLES  Pointer to default tables
   49   PCRE_INFO_FIRSTBYTE       Fixed first data unit for a match, or
   50                               -1 for start of string
   51                                  or after newline, or
   52                               -2 otherwise
   53   PCRE_INFO_FIRSTTABLE      Table of first data units (after studying)
   54   PCRE_INFO_HASCRORLF       Return 1 if explicit CR or LF matches exist
   55   PCRE_INFO_JCHANGED        Return 1 if (?J) or (?-J) was used
   56   PCRE_INFO_JIT             Return 1 after successful JIT compilation
   57   PCRE_INFO_JITSIZE         Size of JIT compiled code
   58   PCRE_INFO_LASTLITERAL     Literal last data unit required
   59   PCRE_INFO_MINLENGTH       Lower bound length of matching strings
   60   PCRE_INFO_MATCHEMPTY      Return 1 if the pattern can match an empty string,
   61                                0 otherwise
   62   PCRE_INFO_MATCHLIMIT      Match limit if set, otherwise PCRE_RROR_UNSET
   63   PCRE_INFO_MAXLOOKBEHIND   Length (in characters) of the longest lookbehind assertion
   64   PCRE_INFO_NAMECOUNT       Number of named subpatterns
   65   PCRE_INFO_NAMEENTRYSIZE   Size of name table entry
   66   PCRE_INFO_NAMETABLE       Pointer to name table
   67   PCRE_INFO_OKPARTIAL       Return 1 if partial matching can be tried
   68                               (always returns 1 after release 8.00)
   69   PCRE_INFO_OPTIONS         Option bits used for compilation
   70   PCRE_INFO_SIZE            Size of compiled pattern
   71   PCRE_INFO_STUDYSIZE       Size of study data
   72   PCRE_INFO_FIRSTCHARACTER      Fixed first data unit for a match
   74                                   1 if there is a first data character set, which can
   75                                     then be retrieved using PCRE_INFO_FIRSTCHARACTER,
   76                                   2 if the first character is at the start of the data
   77                                     string or after a newline, and
   78                                   0 otherwise
   79   PCRE_INFO_RECURSIONLIMIT    Recursion limit if set, otherwise PCRE_ERROR_UNSET
   80   PCRE_INFO_REQUIREDCHAR      Literal last data unit required
   81   PCRE_INFO_REQUIREDCHARFLAGS Returns 1 if the last data character is set (which can then
   82                               be retrieved using PCRE_INFO_REQUIREDCHAR); 0 otherwise
   83 </pre>
   84 The <i>where</i> argument must point to an integer variable, except for the
   85 following <i>what</i> values:
   86 <pre>
   87   PCRE_INFO_DEFAULT_TABLES  const uint8_t *
   89   PCRE_INFO_FIRSTTABLE      const uint8_t *
   90   PCRE_INFO_JITSIZE         size_t
   91   PCRE_INFO_MATCHLIMIT      uint32_t
   92   PCRE_INFO_NAMETABLE       PCRE_SPTR16           (16-bit library)
   93   PCRE_INFO_NAMETABLE       PCRE_SPTR32           (32-bit library)
   94   PCRE_INFO_NAMETABLE       const unsigned char * (8-bit library)
   95   PCRE_INFO_OPTIONS         unsigned long int
   96   PCRE_INFO_SIZE            size_t
   97   PCRE_INFO_STUDYSIZE       size_t
   99   PCRE_INFO_REQUIREDCHAR    uint32_t
  100 </pre>
  101 The yield of the function is zero on success or:
  102 <pre>
  103   PCRE_ERROR_NULL           the argument <i>code</i> was NULL
  104                             the argument <i>where</i> was NULL
  105   PCRE_ERROR_BADMAGIC       the "magic number" was not found
  106   PCRE_ERROR_BADOPTION      the value of <i>what</i> was invalid
  107   PCRE_ERROR_UNSET          the option was not set
  108 </PRE>
  109 </P>
  110 <P>
  111 There is a complete description of the PCRE native API in the
  112 <a href="pcreapi.html"><b>pcreapi</b></a>
  113 page and a description of the POSIX API in the
  114 <a href="pcreposix.html"><b>pcreposix</b></a>
  115 page.
  116 <p>
  117 Return to the <a href="index.html">PCRE index page</a>.
  118 </p>