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    1 User list from GNU/Linux shadow file.
    3 --- MORE INFO ---
    5 -----------------
    7 -----------------
    8 	There were some questions about some shadow file internals, so
    9   here something about it (or try `man shadow'):
   10   Shadow file records looks like:
   11 name:password:change_last:change_may:change_must:change_warn:inactive_max:expire_date
   13   name		- name
   14   password 	- password
   15   change_last	- time user last changed his/her password
   16   change_may	- minimum time before user can change his/her password
   17   change_must	- maximum time user doesn't need to change the password
   18 		  if he will not change it. It might get locked or account
   19 		  can get in to the inactivation stage.
   20   change_warn	- time before user password expiration, the system will
   21 		  warn the user to change his/her password
   22   inactive_max	- maximum time, account can stay inactive, after user has not
   23 		  changed his/her password, before it gets locked.
   24 		  If 0 or not set, account gets never locked.
   25   expire_date	- date account will be locked (ie. commercial accounts)
   28 -------------------
   29   * All times are in the form of the days since the Epoch (little info:
   30 	no warning software takes care about the leap years !!!
   31 	This can be a problem in some hundreds of year when leap years day
   32 	problem will be significantly visible :)))
   34 	I call this `LINUX SHADOW LEAP YEARS BUG' (SLYB), be AWARE !!! :)