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CryptNET Password Generator



<passgen> − A password candidate generator


passgen [options]

options: [-aAChHlLNrsuUv] [--help] [--version]


passgen generates a list of password candidates for the user to choose from by mapping operating system sources of pseudorandomness into printable character arrays with a mod operation.

By default, /dev/random is used as the source for entropy. If a large number of password candidates are being generated the process may be slowed while the device blocks. This can avoided by using the -u flag, which will cause the nonblocking urandom device as the entropy source.



Generate password candidates alpha numeric characters only.


Generate password candidates using alphabetic characters only.


Suppress config file not found message.


Displays help text.


Homoglyph suppression level (0-2)

0 − No homoglyph suppression.
1 − Suppress font homoglyphs such as zero, capital ’o’ (oscar), one, and lowercase ’l’ (lema).
2 − Suppress font homoglyphs and potential character homoglyphs such as backtick, apostrophe, double quote, space, and underbar.


Specifies the length of the passwords to be generated.


For any letters, use lowercase only.


Specifies the number of passwords to be generated.


Generate password candidates using numeric charaters only.


Use the blocking /dev/random device for password candidate generation.


Exclude the space character from generated password candidates.


Use the non-blocking /dev/urandom device to speed password candidate generation.


For any letters, use uppercase only.


Display program version information.


Display help text.


Display program version information.


passwd(1) passgen.conf(5)


There are no known bugs.