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    1 Pandora FMS: The Flexible Monitoring System v3.2
    2 =================================================
    4 http://www.pandorafms.org
    6 How to install
    7 --------------
    9 Please refer to documentation on our website. This includes schemas, quick-install 
   10 guides and how to use preconfigured packages and installers for all components.
   12 What is Pandora FMS?
   13 --------------------
   15 Pandora FMS is a monitoring application to watch systems and applications.
   16 Pandora FMS allows to know the status of any element of your bussiness systems.
   17 Pandora FMS watches your hardware, your software, your multilayer system and, of
   18 course, your Operating System. Pandora FMS can detect a network interface down
   19 or the movement of any NASDAQ new technology market value. If you wish, Pandora
   20 FMS can send a SMS message when your system or your application fails... or when
   21 Google stock value drops below 330 US$.
   23 Pandora FMS will adjust, like an octopus, to your systems and requirements,
   24 because it has been designed to be open, modular, multiplattform and easy to
   25 customize. Pandora FMS is developed for system administrators.
   27 What else can Pandora FMS do?
   28 -----------------------------
   30 Pandora FMS is a monitoring tool that not only measures if a parameter is right
   31 or wrong. Pandora FMS can quantify the state (right or wrong), or store a value
   32 (numeric or alphanumeric) for months if necessary. Pandora FMS can measure
   33 performances, compare values among differen systems and set alarms over
   34 thresholds. Pandora FMS works against a Database so that it can generate
   35 reports, statistics, SLA and meausre anything: Operating Systems, aplications
   36 and hardware systems—such as firewalls, proxies, Databases, web servers, VPN,
   37 routers, switches, processes, services, remote accesses to servers, etc.
   38 everything integrated in a open and distributed architecture. Pandora FMS can be
   39 deployed over any Operating System, with specific agents for each platform.
   40 There are already agents for Windows (2000, XP, 2003), GNU/Linux, Solaris,
   41 HP-UX, BSD, AIX, IPSO and OpenWRT.
   43 Pandora FMS not only gathers information through its agents, but it can also
   44 monitor any hardware sistem with TCP/IP connectivity —such as load balancing
   45 systems, routers, switches, printers, etc.— through SNMP and TCP/ICMP checks.
   47 Often the question "What kind of things can be monitored?" shows up, since
   48 Pandora FMS can —virtually— monitor anthing, sometimes is convenient give some
   49 specific examples. Pandora FMS can monitor any process or system that, though a
   50 command, returns a value, and also any value inside a log file of the Operating
   51 System. 
   53 License
   54 -------
   56 The project is distributed under the GPL License v2 or later.
   57 Copyright (C) 2004-2010 Pandora FMS development team