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    1 #+SELECT_TAGS: yes no
    2 #+EXCLUDE_TAGS: no
    4 In a document containing one or more trees containing a tag
    5 listed in SELECT_TAGS, only those trees and their ancestor nodes will appear;
    6 this text and any other text preceding the first headline
    7 won't appear for such documents.
    9 * Will appear because it is the ancestor of something tagged "yes"
   10 ** Will appear                                                           :yes:
   11 *** Will appear since the entire subtree of something selected will appear
   12 **** Will appear
   13 *** Will not appear since this has tagged with something in EXCLUDE-TAGS :no:
   14 ** Will not appear since it's not an ancestor of listed in SELECT-TAGS
   15 ** Will appear because it is the ancestor of something listed in SELECT-TAGS
   16 *** Will not appear because it has an EXCLUDE-TAG, but since "no" is also listed as a SELECT-TAG, it will force its parent to appear :no:
   17 * Will not appear