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    1 ```
    2 % pandoc -f latex+auto_identifiers -t html
    3 \section{Six favourite beers}
    4 \subsection{Jovaru Alus}\label{jovaru-alus}
    5 \section{Farmhouse brewers}
    6 \subsection{Jovaru Alus}
    7 ^D
    8 <h1 id="six-favourite-beers">Six favourite beers</h1>
    9 <h2 id="jovaru-alus">Jovaru Alus</h2>
   10 <h1 id="farmhouse-brewers">Farmhouse brewers</h1>
   11 <h2 id="jovaru-alus-1">Jovaru Alus</h2>
   12 ```