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The following Haskell libraries have been developed to support pandoc:

skylighting-core and skylighting : Syntax highlighting engine supporting over 140 languages.

citeproc : Citation processing using CSL stylesheets.

texmath : Conversion of math between tex, Word equation, MathML, and GNU eqn.

unicode-collation : Proper Unicode collation (sorting).

doclayout : Combinators for laying out a textual document, with support for line wrapping, tabular layout, and more.

doctemplates : Supports pandoc's templates.

commonmark, commonmark-extensions, and commonmark-pandoc : Efficient, standards-compliant parser for commonmark and extensions.

ipynb : Representation of Jupyter notebooks and conversion to and from JSON.

zip-archive : A pure zip file creator and extractor, used by pandoc for docx, ODT, and EPUB.

rfc5051 : Simple unicode collation (used for citation sorting).

emojis : Conversion between emoji characters and aliases.

jira-wiki-markup : Support for parsing Jira wiki syntax.

gridtables : Support for parsing grid style textual tables.

hslua-objectorientation, hslua-packaging : Bindings, wrappers, and helper functions to access Haskell data types from Lua via an object-oriented interface.

hslua-module-path, -system, -text, and -version : Lua modules that expose functionality of basic Haskell libraries to Lua.

hslua-aeson : Converter from aeson data types to Lua objects.

hslua-cli : Command-line interface mimicking the default lua executable.