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    1 You will have to install the plugin manually using the following:
    3 1)  sudo ./install-gnome.sh
    5 This will modify ${HOME}/.config/Thunar/uca.xml
    6 and copy the supporting application/icon to their respective locations.
    8 2) You will also need to edit /etc/pacpl/pacpl.conf and change ZEN_DIR & ZEN_OPTS to 1
    9    and make sure KDE_DIR & KDE_OPTS = 0
   11 Note: this version can be used with the kde plugin on any system that
   12 supports multiple desktop choices (Slackware for example) if need be. 
   13 You will just need to run the install-kde.sh script instead and do
   14 the exact opposite of the step 2) above.
   16 Restart Thunar (if already open) to see the changes take effect.