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    3 You can use modules to extend pacpl conversion features adding new supported
    4 file formats.
    6 The best way to incorporate you own module is to copy the sample.m to a new
    7 file and change the various values accordingly. Then place the module in
    8 /etc/pacpl/modules and it will be automatically detected next time you run
    9 pacpl.
   11 If you're familiar with Perl and hashes, then writing your own shouldn't be a
   12 problem.
   14 Wild card %i will be the input file, and wild card %o will be 
   15 the output file.
   17 ESTR = string used to encode the temporary .wav file
   18 DSTR = string used to decode to the temporary .wav file
   20 It should be noted that for the time being --dopts and --eopts will no
   21 longer work with imported codecs.